Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas cards

Hello.......... Two posts in one day what ever next !!!

While it's been fun running the advent calendar I have missed the general chit chat of everyday blogging.  Back in the Autumn I signed up to take part in Amy's Fab Christmas card swap.

You see I spied these lovely paper's in a craft magazine and couldn't resist ordering some for my Christmas cards, the papers are by Docrafts and are a wonderful Folk mix. So I couldn't wait to get started on making my cards.

I had some lovely natural cardboard card blanks which I hoped would be just the thing for my folkie papers.  So first up I added a border of the pretty paper, then added a ribbon to my card.

Now I had a bit of a idea spring to mind when I was crocheting snowflakes, that they would be just perfect on a card, a card and gift in one if you like as the snowflake could be detached and hung on the tree.

The only problem was if the snowflake was hanging on the tree, then the card might look a little bit plain with just the ribbon and border, so after a bit of pondering I decided to hide a little bit of decoration under the snowflakes, two cards for the price of one.

So before attaching the crocheted snowflake I added a bit of snowy goodness to my cards

I then used form pads to attach a greeting so the hanging thread for my snowflake could be threaded underneath it.

as well as adding some snowflake sequins

I also added some pretty attachments under some of the snowflakes so after they had been removed, there would still be a functioning Christmas card.


As well as sending a card to my swap partner I also popped one in the post to the lovely Amy. Plus I made a few more for some other friends.

I've been making other cards too, this one is for my Mum, how I love that pink glitter paper.

and I sent this cute little Reindeer card to my sister and her family.

I'm yet to receive a card from my swap partner, which I completely understand given the sad time her family are experiencing at the moment, I wish them well for the year ahead and hope they can enjoy there Christmas.

Thanks again to Amy for organising the swap.

Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed joining in the swap! Thank you for taking part. Happy Christmas! xx

  2. You have created such beautiful cards, and the card swap has been such fun.

    Happy Christmas!

  3. So so so so creative! I love all of these so much, well done!

  4. Love these cards. I wish I were as talented with paper crafts. These will be cherished by the people lucky enough to receive them.

  5. Beautiful cards and it certainly was fun to join the card swap. Merry Christmas.

  6. Lovely hand made cards. I too have been posting everyday in December, it does take a lot of time, doesn't it. but I have enjoyed it very much x

  7. What beautiful, clever cards....Maria xx

  8. Lovely cards indeed. I've made tons of those snowflakes. Such a quick, easy pattern. Happy holidays!

  9. The cards you created are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure they will be much cherished. Have a Merry Christmas, Pat

  10. I love card making too. I like the first one very much. Jo x

  11. Lovely cards and what a lovely swap to be a part of.

  12. my fave is the reindeer card. so cute!! i just hopped over to see your Christmas card swap from "Amy's at Love Made My Home". hope you are well. that you had a nice Christmas. here's hoping the New Year will be a great one for all. take care. all the best to ya. ( :