Friday, 29 August 2014

The Owl without the Pussycat

Hello...... well today's post is going to have a TA-Dah moment in it, there hasn't been one of them for a while around here. This is my new make for this years Craft Club exhibition. 

The Theme being 'The Owl and the Pussycat'

So it was the perfect opportunity to try out the Lovely Jacquie at Bunny Mummy super cute owl pattern which you can find 'here'  it's been on my to make list for a while now.

First I made two circle's for the owls body, using pretty shades of Stylecraft Special DK from my statsh

It's such a easy and fab tutorial to follow

and quite quickly I had something that was starting to look very much like a owl

I just needed to make a couple of eyes, my owl is going to have sparkly eyes as that's the only white yarn I had, but you can never have too much sparkle !!

I didn't have any suitable beads for the eyes so instead I stitched on a couple of teeny tiny black pom poms

Then all that was needed was a bit of stuffing and some cute little tufty ears, I did make the wings to go on my Owlie but decided I prefered my little Owl just as it was.

So Ta-Dah
my Bunny Mummy Owl.

All I need to do now is either make a Pussycat or just stick with the Owl theme and make lots of owls to sit in a tree together, next up maybe a felt owl.

As for books I'm still reading Philippa Gregory's Virgin Earth, it's taking me a while to finish this one mainly as I keep starting new books.

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Happy Crafting

Clare x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday weekend

Hello......... Here in the UK last weekend was a bank holiday, so as tradition dictates it just had to rain, we were fairly lucky on Saturday as the sun did come out for a while so we took advantage of this and headed off the sand park for a picnic.

Even Mutley had some doggy picnic food to enjoy.

The park was very pretty but unfortunately my little mobility scooter ran out of charge so we couldn't really explore to far. I never did make it to the sand park bit, but my nephew 'L' went off and played there for a while

I'd love to go back there again, and explore further, the park runs right along by the sea

with lots of quiet seating dotted about, it even has it own amphi thearte.

and you can also access the beach, oh I do love being by the sea,  fortunately the rain held off long enough for our little pottle about, but as we got back in the car the heavens opened.

On the way out of town we drove up the hill and stopped off at the new WW1 memorial arch  which you can read more about 'here' .

here's one more shot of the gorgeous yarny Poppies

For we were on a mission, to buy school uniform as my nephew is off to the Grammar School, next week. We didn't have much luck finding age eleven trousers and shirts, but I did much better getting these super cute knitted slippers, just in the nick of time as it's been freezing cold ever since.

Aren't they fab, and super snuggly, I love everything about them stripes yarn, flowers and buttons

I also bought a cardigan in the most gorgeous purple colour made from a amazing yarn which has different colours through it that looks almost like ribbon.

Happy Happy !!  

Not to worry my sister had a bit more success on the uniform front the next day.

As for me Sunday was a day for hunkering down avoiding the endless drippy rain, the perfect weather for a spot of crochet, my latest make for the Craft Club exhibition.

and as for Bank holiday Monday, well just look at it !!!! welcome to Summertime

So instead I focused on my pretty new miniature Rose

which at £3.50 was cheaper than buying a bunch of Roses and hopefully this will last a lot longer.

 then there was more crochet snuggled up under the duvet, I  managed to complete this make over the weekend so more on that another day.

Even Merli gave up on his favourite summer snoozing spot by the pond and opted to keep me company, it's still raining today, come on Summer where have you gone.

Happy Crafting

Clare x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Road of Remembrance

Hello ......... Yesterday we went to the nearby town of Folkestone and while we were there we stopped off at the new WW1 Memorial Arch and the Road of Remembrance which has recently been unveiled by Prince Harry.

It is estimated that over 10 million troops marched down the steep road that leads to the port on there way to the front in the First World War, leading to it being renamed Remembrance Road.

 A new commemorative Arch has been built at the top of the hill the troops marched down, the arch, was built by the Charity Step Short, named after the order given to the men to take short steps to descend the steep hill, it commemorates nurses and civilians as well as soliders from many nations who would have heard the order to 'Step Short'  down the steep road then leads to the port, then called Slope Road now fitting renamed Remembrance road.

The wonderful members of 'Purl Queens' in the town and from around the world have knitted and crocheted poppies to the line the route.

So strikingly beautiful and poignant.

 In fact I think they are still happy to receive more poppies as they will be replenishing the poppies along the route until Remembrance Day in November, if anyone would like to send a Poppy, I've put a link to the Facebook page above.

Earlier in the week I went to the local Folk Club and performed a song of mine called  'Sweet Letters' as it's fitting I thought I'd share the lyrics with you here. (one day I might get around to recording some of my songs, health permitting)

A letter arrived you've been listed for to fight, 
for Crown and Country you must do what was right
You're just a ordinary man with a part to play, 
so you're leaving this factory town and going far away
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you, 
sweet letters sweet letters from you.

The Roses are red the sweet violets are so blue 
and everyday she awaits a letter from you.
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you . 
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you.

They married in a hurry and she wore her mother dress, 
because they loved each other and they thought it for the best.
 You're just a ordinary man who never thought he'd fight 
in a war in a distant land just doing what was right.
Sweet Letters, sweet letter from you
 sweet letters sweet letter from you.

For those who stayed at home it was a worry every day
now she's waiting on you're letter have you have you're part to play
she working in that factory now, helping with the fight
with just you're letters for company to keep her warm at night
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you
sweet letters,sweet letters from you.

The Roses are Red the sweet violets are so blue
and every days she awaits a letter from you
sweet letters, sweet letters from you
sweet letters, sweet letters from you.

                                                                                                                copyrite Clare Banks 2011

Here's one of the Poppies I made earlier in the year for the local libraries WW1 commemoration, I think I'm going to make some more to send over to Folkestone,  if you want to make some too, you can find the free pattern for this crocheted Poppy 'here'.

Clare xx

Thursday, 21 August 2014

FolkEast Festival

Hello....... So last weekend I went off to FolkEast with some friends, for a weekend of fun, music and crochet.

My friends band were playing on the main stage and invited me along, yay for backstage passes and therefore the cleanest porta loos I have ever seen.

Sadly the weather was a bit changeable, which resulted in some this, not a good mix with wheels of any kind, when we got there a jcb was pulling cars out of the mud in the car park eek.  

So really not the best conditions for a wheelchair, everyone was super helpful though, from the crew at the festival to other festival goers who we only to happy to help with the chair.

The biggest thank you goes to my friend 'C' who did a amazing job hauling my wheelchair and me backward through the mud and bumpy parkland as it was not the most wheelchair friendly site.

But despite that we had a wonderful time.

After the logistics of getting onto the site, we were in need of a nice cuppa and found a fabulous tea tent.

Everything about it was just my cup of tea from the vintage tea sets to the flowery table cloth to the oh so yummy cake I shared with my sister.

and by the time the music started the sun was shining.

So we headed off to the Sunset stage to listen to some Folk music.

First up was Rum Kelter from Norfolk who played a wonderful traditional set of Irish and European Folk music there is a link to there site 'here'

Next up was my friend and 'Hatful of Rain' who play Americana roots music with a British folk twist. They are such a great live band, playing around a single mic, they released there second album 'The Morning Key' earlier in the year

Here's the video for the first single off the new album.

We also saw 'The Rails' perform who were great sorry no picture, but here's a clip I found online.

Later in the evening 'Blowzabella' played a amazing set with so many people up and dancing,to there mix of European folk music. They were followed by Bellowhead more on that later.

One of Saturdays highlights for me was seeing 'The Willows ' who played a beautiful set, another British band playing Americana, they were followed by the 'Hackney Colliery band' who blow the roof off.

Just before we left we caught some of 'Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party', 
now who's ready for some crochet!!!

The yarniness at this festival was sooo good with a designated crochet and knitting tent

running so many workshops shall we have a little peak?

Happy Happy so much yarny goodness

The crocheted wheelbarrow was suggested as a alternative transport system for me

and I couldn't resist a sitting down on the yarny bench and trying the guitar

But this bike was my favourite by far, just the pom pom wheels made my heart sing

and the fab daisy saddle

I love it so, especially the strawberry lining in the basket, I wish I had a bike just like this

plus how great is this fellow, the yarny ladies of FolkEast sure have been busy.

Here's one final look at the display inside the tent, 
there is no picture but I took my crochet along and made some flowers for my scarf while listening to the wonderful music, the perfect way to spend a weekend.

In the dark the festival site look like a wonderful fairyland

with wood carvings lit up to perfection.

These photo's are thanks to my sister who went off with her camera for a little wander

capturing the magic.

Before Bellowhead took to the stage to close the first night.

Back at the cottage we had time to fit in a little music too.

 Such a wonderful weekend, I'm paying the price for the fun now with a bit of payback from my ME/Lyme disease but it was well worth it even though my back has still not recovered from bumping around in the wheelchair, but I'd do it all again for sure.

Clare xx