Thursday, 10 December 2015

10th December- Do you want to build a snowman !!

Hello...... Now when I came across this little guy on Youtube I just couldn't resist including him in the advent calender.

Despite the fact I've not really done a lot of origami crochet before, but by following the tutorial it wasn't long before I had what looked like the beginnings of a snow man

and once he was stuffed  I was skippy happy with how he turned out. 

 He just needed a little scarf and hat to keep him warm, or should that be cold!! after all that we don't want him melting.

 As you can see, I used lots of sparkly yarn for this make, which I pinched from my cosy blanket stash

Now at this point I deviated from the tutorial as I thought my snowman was more of beanie hat kind of a guy, so I made him up a hat with a cute little pom pom stitched on the top. 

I then crocheted him a little carrot nose as I didn't have any puffy paint as recommend  in the clip, both the carrot and hat were stitched into place and tail ends were brought down and out through the bottom of my snowman,  to hold them securely in place.


I finished the little fellow off with some ice blue gems for his smile and buttons and then glues on some googly eyes.

Here's the youtube link, if you find you need a little snowman in you're life too.

Ho ho ho
Clare xx


  1. Why yes! I do need a snowman in my life. I've been searching for a pattern and yours looks perfect! He's darling.

  2. This snowman is now my favourite of your advent calendar :) x

  3. I LOVE it, it would make a lovely present topper or little gift for a stocking, brilliant.

  4. What a little cutie! I'm currently obsessed with a snowman theme for this Christmas :-)

  5. Such a cute fellow! I love his scarf!! xx

  6. He is really cute. Making arigurumi figures is fun.