Tuesday, 1 December 2015

1st December- crocheted star (Poinsettia)

Hello.......... So the big day has finally arrived, I've been working on and planning this advent calender since September so I'm sooo excited that December is finally here.

So here's how it's going to work each day I'm going to be sharing some yarny goodness and making a little something Christmassy, first up I want to say these are not my designs, they are just makes, I have found and loved, (mostly from youtube) most importantly things that are quick to make, as no one has a lots of spare time during this busy season, but it is nice to sit down with your hook and have a little breather some ME time.

So my first make is this lovely little table mat, which was the inspiration for this whole thing, as when I was looking for something to make my Mum as part of her birthday present, I came across this tutorial and with it I discovered the wonderful world of crocheted advent calenders.

Eliazza over at knitaholics  I discovered has been publishing advent calenders for the last few years, at first I was skippy happy to discover this and was going to just follow one of them, but then unfortunately but very understandably  I discovered not all the tutorials have a English version.

Eliazzza has put so much work and love into these tutorial, that I just wanted to have a go at some, so I decided I would do a pick and mix version of the calender, with the tutorials she has made in English, I really hope she doesn't mind me doing this as they are truly wonderful.

So each day I'll be sharing one of the video tutorials here and showing you what I made, along the way there will all be also other tutorial from different  youtube crafters.

So onto the first make, as you can see it hook up well, in my Twinkle yarn, why blue I here you ask, as it's called poinsettia, well it was for my mum and her Christmas decorations are blues silver whites and teals, so I think this sparkly yarn will be the perfect fit.

It did need a little bit of blocking though, so I pinned it then wafted the steam iron over the top

and Ta-Dah

make number one was complete, I'm really looking forward to having a whole load of new decorations come the end of the month, it would be lovely if you wanted to join in with this too.

Here's the link to the video tutorial for this first make
See you tomorrow

Ho Ho Ho
Clare xx


  1. What a fantastic idea, I shall enjoy following along :-)

  2. This is such a nice idea. If I weren't Jewish and if I could crochet, I know I'd jump right in!

  3. Such a lovely idea, looking forward to following along.

  4. Love your star Clare. The yarn is perfect for it.
    Looking forward to seeing your other makes
    Jacquie x

  5. What a lovely idea! Looking forward to tomorrow... x

  6. Wonderful project Clare.

  7. I admire you doing a blog a day I must put together my blog drafts and publish them! I will follow your advent calendar :) x

  8. I admire you doing a blog a day I must put together my blog drafts and publish them! I will follow your advent calendar :) x

  9. Very pretty! It will be lovely to see your advent posts progressing! xx