Friday, 18 December 2015

18th December Crochet star : Anastasia

Hello........ Another day another star to be made here on the advent calendar.

This is another of Elizzza's wonderful tutorials

and it's a quick one !!!

In no time at all I had finished, only to discover my star has five sides instead of six!!!!


Oh well it still looks pretty especially with a pearl stitched into the centre.

I'm loving all the new decorations, I can't wait to hang them on the tree.

Here's the tutorial if you fancy having a go

Ho ho ho
Clare xx


  1. Ooo so pretty, I think I actually prefer the 5 sides anyway x

  2. This crochet stars are super cute. They look very pretty hanging on the wall. They could even look super cool on the Cnristmas tree!

  3. It's beautiful, especially with the pearl. Simple and elegant.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. You made such pretty crocheted ornaments!!

  5. I love the pearl button, it gives it a classic feel. Beautiful.

  6. This is another lovely one isn't it! You have done so well making all of these as I know how limited you are for crafting time. Happy Christmas! xx

  7. This is a neat and compact one, like it