Wednesday, 9 December 2015

9th December - Baby Flower heart

Hello....... Welcome to day nine of the advent calender, now today's make didn't go exactly to plan, as I think basically I just used the wrong type of yarn, so if I have the time before the advent calender goes live, I'm going to give this one another try, but for now here it is.

Using lace weight cottons, I first made the little puffy flower (tutorial below)

Then it was onto the second you tube clip to made the decoration itself. as you can see my heart turned out a little sad and wonky with loose stitches.

So instead of  making up the second one, I decided I would make the best of what I had, by adding a pretty bead to the hanging fringe.

Not exactly as planned and I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed as I was looking forward to this one, but I guess you win some you lose some. Oh well.

See how pretty it should have been.  Time has caught up with me and I didn't manage a second attempt on this one, I have however made a star version for later on in the calendar using DK and it turned out lovely, so DK yarn is my top tip for this one.

Ho ho ho
Clare xx


  1. Oh I like it Clare! It's very pretty. Thank you again.

  2. Beautiful! This might well be my favourite yet! xx