Friday, 24 January 2014

Three Things 39/52

Hello it's year of happy time again, so here are this weeks 'Three Things' plus one, well I couldn't resist just look at the gorgeous colour of the above Polyanthus, it's great that they are flowering in the garden again, happy happy.

Number one:

My first happy thing is the gorgeous sunsets we've been treated to this week, so beautiful. nothing better than sky blue pink. I managed to take this picture on Monday and I just love the contrast between the tree's branches and the sky.

Number two:

Is the joy that comes from having a good tidy up of the sewing boxes, putting all the cotton reels and bit and bobs back in the right places, I'm not the tidiest of crafters and always seem to be suffering from a serious case of Craftermath

So while I've been stuck in bed with the last of the lurgy and relapse it kindly left me with, I've spent some time tidy up my sewing box (above) and my mini project basket that my sister gave me for Christmas. I do love the blue and the polka dots. 

There is a story behind this as when we went to Halfords to order my Nephews bike before Christmas I fell in love with a gorgeous pastel blue bike with a basket lined with polka dot fabric, it even had a polka dot saddle. (sadly I couldn't find a photo of it online, but how gorgeous is the above bike, just perfect)

Sadly being ill, I'm in no state to ride or need a bike, it was one of those, ooh when I'm better or if I had a different life with a healthy body moments, then I would so need that bike in my life and hopefully one day I will it good to have a dream.

My sister remembered this when shopping for Christmas gifts and bought me the much more useful and practical polka dot sewing basket, that I've been using as my portable ongoing project box.

Number three:

My third skippy happy thing this week, is my lovely bulbs. I checked on them on Sunday and they were ready to come out of the dark of sideboard in the Summerhouse and into the light.  Yippee I just can't wait to seem them flower.

Well that's all the happy for this time, have a great weekend. I'm hopefully off on a bit of a big adventure for me, so I've been doing some serious bed resting trying to find some energy for that.

Why not leave a comment about what makes you happy or what dreams you hold for the future, maybe you to need a pastel blue bike in you're life like me or something else I'd love the hear.

Oh I forgot to say it's the RSPB Big garden bird watch this weekend so if you want to take part you can find the details 'here' we always take part here at the Summerhouse, more on that next time.
Clare xx


  1. I still think you need to go back for the bike, it is so adorable.

  2. Wow gorgeous bike! go back!
    What a lovely organised sewing basket x

  3. I hope that very soon you are well enough to go and get a bike and go out riding! Hearing that would make me very happy, I hope that one day it happens. In the meantime, your Iris's are looking really good!! xx

  4. What a pretty bike. I got a new one about three years ago, bright royal blue, and I'm still getting the hang of riding it without being terrified. I used to do fine as a child, but I lost my bravery with it. And they say you never forget how to ride! :)

  5. Help lovely lady do lovely to see all these gorgeous things that's made you happy this week. Wow that sunset !!! Such amazing colours! It's really satisfying to get these crafty things tidy, mine is calling but it can wait. I too want a bike like that, oh we can but dream. Maybe in a few years they will have a power engined one for us or maybe just maybe we are going to get better to peddle it ourselves!! We can but hope and dream. Sorry you've been feeling rough I'm sending you a big hug right now xoxo