Friday, 3 January 2014

Three things 36/52

Hello ...... It's Year of Happy time again, so here are this weeks three things.

Number one:

Is all about New Year, spending time with friends seeing in the New Year talking, laughing, singing, reminiscing and playing games, with good food and Fizz. Here's hoping 2014 is going to be a good one all round. I'll tell you more about the cake another day. 

Number two:

Continuing on the theme of New Beginnings, my second happy thing this week is the joy that is new stationary diaries and calenders, all ready to be filled by the year ahead. Bit of a birdie theme of course. Oh I do love that new diary feeling, so much potential.

Number three:

Number three this week is that it's time to open the 'little jar of happy '  I started filling the jar with Happy moments last year as a New Years resolution.  Living with a Chronic Illness means it's not always easy to spot the happy and stay positive despite being a glass half full kinda girl, so this seemed perfect, and I have to say my little jar filled up quite quickly, so much so that by the beginning of April it was full to the top.  

As I had started writing my blog by then I decided in May to morph my little jar into my 'three things' year of Happy post.  So when I've recovered a little from the exhaustion's of Christmas and New year I'm planning to read a few each day. I think it's important to recognised the simple little pleasures of life that could get lost so easily amongst the everyday.

Well that's all the Happy for this week, Wishing you a Very Happy New Year and all good things

Clare xx


  1. I love this idea to bring you happiness and it allows you to record all the happies that are personal and not for blogging. Hope you have lovely fun.

  2. Your happiness in the midst of challenges encourages me, too. Thanks for posting! xx

  3. I think projects like this are really important. I got a lot of benefit from my participation in 52 Weeks of Happy last year. I love new stationery and calendars too, I have all my life.

  4. Love your happies, and I love the idea of the happy jar. I hope that you have lots of happy this year! xx

  5. Clare, I love the ways you try to stay positive, I think we could all use a little jar to fill up.

  6. Lovely series of photos. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  7. just found you from Ginny's yarn along....what a happy little space you have created here. Hope your 2014 is amazing!