Saturday, 4 January 2014

Let it Snow .....

Hello......... So time for a little catch up, back in November I decided to join in with Marianne's  Christmas Decoration Swap over on her wonderful blog 'Ladybird Diaries at the time I was already in the midst of making a Snowflake Garland for a handmade Secret Santa I was taking part in over on Facebook, So I decided I would also make one for my swap partner Ginny at Crafting not Cleaning

Seeing as it's the big Secret Santa reveal on the Facebook group this weekend, I can now finally share my  snowflake makes with you.

I made my snowflakes using Lucy's Snowflake pattern which you can find 'here' on her fab blog attic24.

I made eight snow flakes for each garland, then blocked them out, by pinning and hovering the steam iron over them.

Then it was time to sew on some cute little buttons, I used reds and icy blues, on one and the more traditional red and green buttons on the other.

The yarn I used from my stash had a little bit of  pearly sparkle to it, that really twinkles under electric light.  I then crocheted a long chain to hang the snowflakes on. I decided to make the garlands long enough to hang across a chimney breast or window.

and Ta-Dah here it is, my finished garland

Then it was time to parcel them up and pop them in the post with a few little treats, so exciting taking part in these crafty swaps you can see the wonderful makes Ginny made for me 'here'

The only trouble is now I think I might need to make another one to hang here at the Summerhouse for next Christmas.
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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Beautiful snowflakes! I bet that both of your swap partners loved them. I know what you mean about making things for yourself, you busy busy do things for others and then wish that you had one too! At least you have plenty of time to get yours done in time for Christmas!! xx

  2. Your snowflake garland is lovely! I wish it would snow rather than rain outside too! Happy New Year, Clare! E x

  3. You DEFINITELY need to make another one for your home too - it's so sweet. And I do love the red & aqua combo you've used too. It would go perfectly with your gorgeous Winter Wreath.
    Happy Sunday, Clare.

  4. Clare, the garland is so beautiful. A few years ago I made separate snowflakes and hung them in my window at different levels, it was lovely and different from a garland. I kept them up all winter just for fun.

  5. Oh these are so pretty!! I have made snowflakes for my tree using Lucy's pattern :)

  6. Clare, your snowflakes are beautiful all soft and gentle, love the added centre button. They are brilliant as a handing garland.

  7. Your garland looks so pretty and the different buttons give it such a beautiful twist!

  8. Hi Clare and Happy New Year. Your snow flake garland is beautiful. I love the touch of the buttons in the centre too.

  9. This is such a pretty garland and I really love the colorful little buttons, what a sweet little touch.

  10. What a beautiful snow storm you made, Clare! I made one snowflake last year and someday I want to make a flurry of them :) Thanks for posting! xx

  11. Such a pretty garland Clare! I am so glad you enjoyed the swap.
    Marianne x

  12. These are so sweet, I've enjoyed you mosaic pictures too, looked like you had a great 2013! Happy 2014! :) x

  13. So pretty! Am I right in thinking that yarn has a glittery thread through it? They look like they will sparkle

  14. These are so sweet. I just visited one of my sisters over the holidays and she had made lots too. I must have a go for next year...beautiful.

  15. Im ok with not being able to knit, except I'd really like to make snowflakes! These are great! I'm sure the receiver was delighted!

  16. Snowflakes! Just what I need rigt now. It's been raining for weeks! I'm going to try two firsts in one go. First time crotheting after a pattern, and first time doing so in English.
    The centre buttons really are a great idea. How small are they?
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love those snowflakes. Thanks for the pattern link.

  18. The buttons make the snowflakes "pop", your garland looks so delightful

  19. I love these! So very pretty, thank you for sharing! Chrissie xxx