Monday, 30 September 2013

September: Pick and Mix

Hello....... it's pick and mix time again and hopefully I'm going to be able to sneak this post in before we get into October, time sure seems to be flying lately.

The view from the window:

Yes September has been and gone with it's many mists, we really have had a distinctive line between Summer and Autumn this year. Although it has been mild just lately there have been lots of misty mornings and the nights are drawing in. This months windmill shot was taken at dusk which seems to fit so well with this time of year.

Out in the garden:

The plants are trying there very best to hang to Summertime.  The Sweet peas have just about finished now, but the poor old fuchsia's are literally just starting to bloom, they are so far behind this year, probably as a result of the very cold Spring.  The Roses are continuing to bloom though as are the geraniums, so there is still lots of colour about and the wild cyclamen that grow under the tree by the Summerhouse are thriving this year with some many new clumps coming out.

Dorset: part four

What with having to rest up so much and recover from my weekend away, I never quite got round to finishing my Dorset posts, so I thought I pop them into the pick and mix. 

These picture were all taken on our visit to the Blue Pool, which is former quarry that is now a nature reserve. When we go to Dorset we always seem to end up here, it really is the most beautiful and tranquil place.

Since our last visit the reserve has some new residents, so as we went around we kept a look out for the faeries and there homes. 'L' was doing a different hunt that involved Squirrels, owls and woodpeckers, hidden up in the tree, which were much much harder than finding the little colourful doors.

There's one !

Oh and another

My lovely sister pushed me all the way around the Pool in my wheelchair, bless her heart as it was quite a way.

It's so lovely and tranquil here, as you can see the pool was not quite so Blue on the day we visited, which I think was a result of the very cloudy weather, but when we've visited on a sunny day, oh my it's even more gorgeous.

Ah it was so lovely to sit by the pool and have a rest, just listening to the birds while the others went off to explore the play area.

Spring or Autumn:

Back home out in the garden things have become a little confused, the berries, pear tree and leaves are all doing there Autumn thing. However over in the wildlife strip, something is amiss with the 'Honesty' even though it's covered in seed pods (bottom centre image) it's also starting to flower again as you can see from the picture to the left!! The shrub (top centre) who I can't for the life of me remember how to spell the name of at the moment has also started to re flower too as are the Wisely Spring bulbs and the Cherry tree seems to be in bud, it's all a bit odd, but I'm sure nature will sort itself out.

Dorset: part five

On the way home we stopped off at Moors Country Park, as my sister found out from there website they have a tramper and also a big holiday surprise for 'L'

So off 'L' and I went on a woodland adventure, as I mentioned in my post here . It was really great to be able to go on a bit of a adventure. 

Having ME/Lyme disease has really limited me being able to get out into nature which I love so much, so this was just great.

'L' and I set off on a two mile route through the park. Me, yes me eek with the map. He kept asking 'you do know where we are Auntie Clare' he of little faith.

We had a great time, with 'L' on a mountain bike, we saw lots of birds and squirrels,  I did find it very tiring but it was great fun, although we did take a short cut back in the end as I'd run out of steam.

and as for the trees they were just stunning.

Here I am on the tramper, which is a cross between a mobility scooter and a tank according to 'P' After lunch we just time for  one more special treat for 'L'.

Yes he was 'going ape' !!

which he describes as his holiday highlight.

Doesn't it look fun he ran round so fast, with no fear that the last time around the instructor told him to do it with no hands and he did.

What a adventure, no wonder he fell asleep in the car on the way home after a two mile bike ride and five times around the 'Go Ape' course.!!


September saw me finally complete my granny bunting triangles, I've edge them  all  now  so all I have to do is make some cute little flowers to add to the centre of each pennant, and then this WIP will finally be there, hopefully by Octobers Pick and Mix they'll be ready for there Ta-Dah moment.

Anyroad I guess that's all the pick and mix for this month

Happy Crafting, linking up with Nicoles Keep Calm Craft On

Clare x

Sorry if this post a bit photo heavy, but I just can't stop myself when I'm away, I guess thats what comes of being housebound a lot of the time due to my health. bye xx


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post, Clare!!! It was a treat to view your beautiful photos and enjoy glimpses of some of your adventures. I am so glad you have been able to get out and about some, and even got to drive a "tank" :) Your triangles are pretty colors, and as I looked at them I realized I have never crocheted a triangle. I will have to try sometime. Now I am crocheting a baby cocoon for my soon to be born Grand.
    Gracie xx

  2. A lovely pick and mix of your recent adventures and nature's beauties! Thanks for sharing! Chrissie x

  3. A lovely post Clare, lots of variety including one brave boy 'gone ape'! Your bunting is very pretty - will you be showing it again once you do the borders? I'd like to see them.
    Keep well,
    Joy x

    1. Hi Joy, yes I'm plannning a post once my bunting is finally finished :) x

  4. Thank you for your fabulous post Clare, your pictures are gorgeous especially the flowers.

  5. A great pick and mix post! Those wee fairy doors are so sweet and I love your flower mosaics.
    Marianne x

  6. LOVE all the photos! Blue Pool looks amazing, and the fairy doors are so creative! That tramper looks like a phenomenal tool, and it seems "L" had a great time on all the adventures. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Aw the little fairy doors are so sweet hehe. Your crochet bunting is looking great. I love the flower mosaic you seem to have a lot still in bloom the fushias are looks beautiful x

  8. Hello Clair. Sorry it has taken me a few days to get to your lovely blog. I am so sorry to hear that you too are a fellow ME'er and I am dying to know a little more of your story. Thank you so much for your sweet comments over at mine and yes that Orgran pizza mix is yeast free too! Your garden is still looking really beautiful and your trip to Dorset looks amazing. I so miss being able to get into the woods and to go for walks and when I was looking at your photo's I thought how good that you can manage to do this. I think your tramper is the bizz, I NEEEEED one!! Is it yours?? Where did you get it from?? I have so many questions, but I know not everyone wants to talk about it all. If you do, let me know and we can exchange emails. Wishing you a very lovely week (well whats left of it) and weekend. Off to press the follow button xoxo

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by, I so going to be looking out for the pizza mix :) The Trappers are provided by a charity and you borrow them, we borrowed this at the county park, I think more and more places are getting them as I borrowed one in Suffolk which was at national trusdt reserve earlier in the year. Would be great to email, mine listed on my more info bit, (I think). You can read a bit about my ME story, in my May achieve as I wrote a 'All about ME' post for awarness day, as I see you did too,

      Clare xxx