Sunday, 29 September 2013

Stitching Sundays :03

Hello..... So it Stitching Sunday again and I'm linking up with Chrissie 'here'

This week at the Summerhouse saw the arrival of my new thread storage box and very handy thread winder, to go along wiht my 50 different Flosses which all need winding onto the Bobbin cards I think it's going to take me a while but I've made a bit of start, I can wait to see them all nestled together, in the box.

So after finishing the running stitch border on my napkin, I sat down with my crafting notebook and came up with a bit more of a design plan for my Summerhouse sampler. 

 I'm planing on having a tree in each corner  of the napkin to represent the seasons and then three other design per season so in total I'll have sixteen little boxes on my sampler. I'm thinking bluebells, cherry blossom, birdies for Spring time and I already have some plans for the rest of the seasons too.

 My latest idea, if it all turns out OK, is that I might eventually use this piece as the front of a cushion. Of course I getting way ahead of myself as I have to learn to embroider first.

So I found a image for a tree that I liked in my 'Doodle Stitching book. (picture below) and using the very handy disc that comes with the book I re sized the image on the computer so it would fit into my stitched box.

I then trace the image onto my napkin using the window method, which I found a bit tricky but I got there in the end.

Then it was time for the fun part picking out the colours I wanted to used.  As this tree is for Springtime I decided to use varying shade of pink to embroider the blossom for the tree. I love the Flosses I've just fallen in love with all the colour.

After that I set to work on my first non practise piece of embroidery eek!! and this is where I've got to so far. I managed to finish all the branches using a Split Stitch. Now I can't wait to get to work on the blossom with all the lovely pink flosses. I think thats going to be the really fun bit. Who am I kidding, I'm just loving it all !!!

I've popped a link at the top so why not pop over and see what everyone esle is up to.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. Well done Clare! I really, really love your ideas, I might have to do some similar napkins in future! The tree is looking terrific - and don't worry if it doesn't go perfectly, you can either cover up mistakes with stitched leaves, or just make a few snips and redo it - it's only a bit of thread, after all! Very excited to see your progress, thanks for joining in! Chrissie x

  2. What a really clever idea Clare, I love it. I think it is going to look so beautiful when you have done it. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this. Happy stitching xo

  3. Dear Clare
    What a fabulous tree and what beautiful colours. I have really enjoyed the freedom of doodle stitching while I have been sewing my tree and I hope you enjoy sewing your tree as much too. It will look beautiful when you have finished. I'm really looking forward to seeing the project progress.
    Best wishes

  4. What a fab idea - and your tree is looking just lovely already, can't wait to see the pretty pink blossoms too!
    I think I'm going to need one of those storage boxes too - do you mind me asking where you got it from? It's just perfect.
    Have a happy week,

    1. Hi Gilly, I got the storage box, the bobbin winder and also the 50 Flosses all from Amazon traders, so you should be able to find them on there. xx

  5. Clare! Your post is inspiring! I have a thread box like you and Joy, but have just jammed my skeins of thread in it thus far. You and Joy encourage me to follow your good example :)
    Happy stitching!
    Gracie xx

  6. You're doing a fab job Claire, and all your steps explained so well - you are to be highly congratulated for this presentation - well done! I'm quite excited to be watching your progress.
    Keep well,
    Joy x

  7. I love your idea Clare, the tree is looking good and I can't wait to see the finished result.
    Love the floss box and spectacular coloured flosses.

  8. Your embroidery is looking so pretty already. I love all the pretty, colourful embroidery threads in the first picture.
    Marianne x

  9. It's looking great so far! It's going to be really beautiful.

  10. Great idea Clare. I'd like to have a go at the doodle embroidery. All those bright colours. I wish I could be that organised. My bits of floss are altogether in a bag, it's a bit of a jumble. I try to keep my skeins separate though.
    S xx