Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dorset: part three

Hello, so Sunday we all bundled into the car and drove off to Lulworth Cove,  with so many pretty cottages I couldn't resist attempting to take some pics from the car,  in case you are wondering  my sister Eeyore decoration decided it wanted to get into the shot too.

It was quite misty when we got to the cove very atmospheric, in a scooby doo kind of way.

'L' explored on the beach while we had a cuppa, and then went out on a little boat trip to see Durdle Door, I apologise in advance if I call it Dumbledore at some point as I spent the weekend doing this.  It was such a shame it was foggy as it's really very beautiful.

Here's a picture from the net of what the Cove looks like on a Sunny day.

The little village really is very pretty, but even on a foggy day in September it was a bit of a tourist trap and really busy.

I did buy this gorgeous strawberry bag in the gift shop though, as well as a box of fossils and a compass for 'L'

Below is our amazing view at 'Durdle Door '

With a  heavy heart we drove up there, and I was secretly hoping that the mists would lift by the middle of the day, but it was not to be.  As you can see from my photo of Durdle Door it was think fog.  So as before I've added a photo so you can see what we missed in mist.  It's a bit of a shame but at least I have been there before.

On the way back we drove through Corfe, and I took a couple of pictures of the Castle and village it's just so beautiful all the building built from Purbeck Limestone.

with the castle perched high on the hill.

and finally 
 I just couldn't resist taking this picture of 'The Wishing Chair' outside one of the shops in Corfe

Clare xx


  1. Sweet photos, even with the fog! Nice to know you managed a fun time with family anyway! Cx

  2. Beautiful pictures Clare, even if the weather was not that nice.

  3. Gosh, it is such a beautiful part of the world (better if it isn't misty!). I would love to visit one day. juliex