Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wintertime wreath : Making a start

So it's got to that time of year the berries are turning red and today in the local paper it said it was twelve weeks to the 'C' word eek! (I'm not emotionally ready to type the full word yet, for fear of flying into a panic, but I know you know what I mean.) So it's time for me to stop procrastinating and just get on with my Wintertime wreath.

After nearly running out of time with my Springtime one earlier in the year, which you can read more about  'here' , it seemed like I had so much time back in the Summer when I decided to make a wintertime version of the wreath.

So after faffing around and not getting very much done, it's now time to get serious if I want to get this done in time.  Especially as my crafting time is limited to ten minutes a day for health reasons, and said health is not that great at the moment.

It's not all bad news though I have done some prep work I've ordered some lovely yarns and some other cute bits and bobs to go on my wreath, in fact only today, I bought some gorgeous ribbon, to make ribbon flowers with, (well that the plan anyway).

I've made some important decision about the design and colour, as you can see I'm going for icy tones blues and silvers that will fit in with our other decorations. I was very tempted to make a crazy throw it all in, over top multi coloured wreath at one point but I have resisted that (well, so far !!).

So this is where I'm up to, after trying out several patterns, I've decided to used this star for my wreath. The pattern is great and comes from this blog 'here'  and it's really easy to follow once you have converted it to UK terminology.

As for Mistletoe, this is what I've come up with so far, I need to work on the pattern a bit more, but once I'm happy with it, I probably share a tutorial on here if anyone want to have a go?

As for my Christmas Roses, I've used the same pattern that I used for the Spring time wreath. It's Lucy's May Roses from the wonderful Attic 24.  I'm also planning on making some of the Roses from Nikki Trent 's Cute and Easy Crochet Flower book too.

So what else am I planning on adding to my wreath, well I'm thinking some crocheted Holly, maybe some Snowflakes and of course some ribbon flower, plus anything else I think of, my mind all a whirl with creative plans for my wreath at the moment.

This week I've started reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, I'm finding it a bit slow at the minute but I'm going to persevere for a bit and see how it goes.

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Clare xx

Also a big Thank you to Marianne over at Ladybird diaries for mentioning and linking to my daisy pin cushion post, in her crochet along blog last week it made my day/week. xxx


  1. Winter wreath has made a great start. I will be checking in for an update soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog and always leaving comments, it really cheers me on. Jo x

  2. Wow looks like it's going to be amazing! Cant wait to see how you get on with it x

  3. I love this wreath already, and all you've done is shown a few components and colours - I'll surely swoon when it's done! ;-) your ideas are brilliant, such a great colour scheme and wintry shapes. Yes please to the mistletoe tutorial - it is beautiful! Chrissie x

  4. Wow the Summertime wreath is lovely! Cant wait to see how the Winter one ends up...

  5. Wow Clare this is quite a project and it looks beautiful!! I am sure it has taken you ages to get thus far. Well done for creating a beauty! xo

  6. It's going to be beautiful, Clare. I would like to make this type of wreath but it seems like so much work. Maybe if I get started now, I can have one a year from Christmas. :)

  7. Ooh, I like it a lot! If the summer one is your inspiration then your Christmas one is going to be just fab. I love the aqua/silvery combination too.
    Have fun making it and looking forward to seeing it take shape.

  8. Oh I think your winter time wreath is going to be really beautiful. I love your spring time one, it is so pretty and full of colour. I think you may have inspired me to do a winter/Christmassy type wreath...
    Marianne xx

  9. I just popped over from Chrissie Crafts blog to say hi and have a closer peak at your winter wreath... wicked cute :D
    Beth P

  10. I'm really looking forward to watching your progress with this Clare - am very impressed with your Summertime wreath already - such a huge project to take on, well done!
    Joy x

  11. Clare, I love the wreath you have completed, and I look forward to see how your Christmas wreath progresses. Thanks for your lovely photos...I especially enjoyed the berries!
    Gracie xx

  12. What a lovely wreath, and I love the mistletoe and stars you have made for the winter wreath. I wish I could crochet!

  13. Your spring wreath is so lovely, I can't wait to see how the Christmas one turns out.

  14. Very pretty. I too will look forward to seeing your Christmas wreath :-)

  15. Eager to see how this wreath turns out. I too am in denial about Christmas.