Friday, 13 September 2013

Three Things 20/52

It's year of happy time again, so here this weeks three things.

Number one:

Even though I been spending most of my time stuck in bed, courtesy of a pesky health flare up, I do try and get outside most days, just for five minutes or so to sit out and get some fresh air.

 Earlier in the week, on a milder day, I took my knitting outside and sat in shade with my feet up, where I managed ten minutes of knitting.  That ten minutes of sitting out and knitting was quite a achievement for me at the moment and I was so glad that I managed it, as it may well be my last bit of outside yarniness for this year, as it been so cold ever since, yes here in the UK, Autumn has set in with a vengeance this week.

Number two:

We've had a few raining days here this week, but on Monday evening the sun came out at the end of the day and I managed to take these pictures of the Sweet Peas growing in the Summer house border.  

The rain drops on them were just so beautiful, they quite took my breath away, like little diamonds twinkling in the sunlight.  The sight of them really cheered me up in what has been a very tough week here at the Summerhouse. 

Number three:

Is the joy of new yarn, this little lot arrived at the Summerhouse this week. All destined to become part of my Wintertime wreath, which I really must be getting on with.  I decided to go with a icy theme of blues silvers and whites in the end after being undecided for so long, flitting between this and a more traditional colour theme.  I just love  these icy blues and silvers that tie in with the rest of our Christmas decorations and the decor in our lounge.  I have some other bits on bobs still to come which I'll  post  about when they arrive maybe next week, nothing like new craft supplies to make you happy.

Well thats all the happy for this week.  Just before I go I wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments that have been left recently, they always make me smile, life's been tough lately with my ME/Lyme disease in relapse, so thank you for all your kind words and support, hopefully things will start picking up again soon.

I hope you've have a happy week.

Clare xx


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly, Clare. I hope your flare-up ends soon, it sounds really miserable. I'm so glad you had some good things in your week; knitting outside looks lovely and I know how nice it can be to have the chance to do that, especially when you've been feeling low.

  2. Seeing your sweet peas made me happy too, they were my mother's favourite flowers :) xxx

  3. Lovely things to brighten your day Clare, and thank you so much for sharing them. Seeing flowers with dewdrops or rain - gently sliding, sometimes sitting awhile - is such a magical blessing and one I also love!
    I do hope your health picks up soon Clare - it's a difficult process to go through but I was happy to see you managed a little bit of sunshine - Vitamin D!
    Joy x

  4. Lovely things to help your day along, thank you for sharing.