Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dorset: part one

Hello.... We had a great weekend down in Dorset, on the way down we drove through the New Forrest, I love it so much, there was much excitement in the car when we saw our first ponies

So we pull off the road straight away to say Hello, after the initial excitement, which I can only say continued,for the rest of the weekend we travelled on and saw Cows and Donkeys wandering around the streets of the little towns and villages until we got to Burley

I had arrange to meet a friend in the village, who I'd met through a Facebook group, it's a funny old world the Internet and it was so lovely to be able to meet up.( Lookie lookie this pony has parked itself in the car park )

We headed straight for Old Farmhouse Tearooms (which has been serving Tea for over 100 years now) and had a lovely time, chatting away like old friends, even though this was the first time we had actually met.

I had the very important job of delivering the lovely Lavender bear to her new home. Lavender is one of LindyLaines original hand stitched bears, if you want to, you can read more about Lindy's lovely little bears on her blog 'here' After saying are goodbyes and buying a little bit of Burley fudge (well it would have been rude not to), we travelled on down to our accommodation, just outside of Poole.

The next day we stopped off in Poole and quickly went to the Poole Pottery, so I could get a replacement beach hut mug.  Mine sadly got broken a few years ago, so I was overjoyed that I was able to replace it. Yippee I love my little beach hut mug. 

After that we headed back to the New Forrest on a bit of magical mystery tour, just driving where the mood took us, this was great as I was able to see the scenery but also have a rest in the car. We only had one slight detour when we nearly ended up in Wiltshire !!

eventually back on track we arrived in the beautiful Fordingbridge, pictured above (not my photo)

Here's the one I took from the bridge.

While in the town we stopped for a yummy lunch.  We went to a gorgeous little Cafe called 'The Fig Tree' (shameless plug,) I don't do this often but the food and the service was just amazing, so friendly. I had a lovely homemade Butternut Squash soup which was beyond yummy. Everyone of us really enjoyed our meals  So if you are ever in the area, it's well worth a visit, to this little gem of a cafe.

Plus there was a super cute little gift shop nearby selling lots of home crafted goods, knitted cushions and crocheted flower brooches, just my cup of tea.  I bought this cute little painted heart to hang on my blossom tree.

After lunch we headed back out to the Forrest

I just love the scenery so much, and you never know who you are going to meet next !!

It's like going on Safari in the UK !!!

Well I guess that's about it for today, I'll meet you in the Forrest next time.

Clare xx


  1. What lovely photos, you seem to have had a perfect little escape! Chrissie x

  2. It looks so pretty there. The tearoom looks very cozy, a place I would love to visit (maybe to meet you!) and I love these animals walking freely about. That resting donkey at the end is adorable.

  3. Brilliant photos Clare, I love the idea of the animals walking so freely on the roads.

  4. So pleased you had such a great time Clare, I love all the photos :) xxx