Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dorset: part two

Hello.......... so it's back to The New Forrest we go. We  stopped off at Rufus Stone for a little look around, with such lovely tree all about.

The Stone marks the place where King William 2nd  died when a arrow bounced off a Oak tree that once stood here, nearby lots of Oaks are still growing that are probably descended from that tree. So after that slice of 'Horrible History' let go back to the forrest.

We didn't see any animals in this part of the Forrest, but as we were driving away we did spot a few deer from the car.  Alas no unicorns, that my nephew 'L' and I had been on the look out for !!

Already some sign of Autumn, although most of the leaves are yet to start turning so I suspect these Beech leaves are from last year.

Just look how green and lovely the trees still are, I took a little while trying to select the perfect tree, that was in need of a hug.

Until I found just the one.

There was just enough time for a little bit more leaf gazing before we all piled back into the car.  

How I'd love to be well enough to go for a nice long walk in the Forrest, but alas for now with late stage Lyme disease that's just not possible.  It was lovely just to be there though, after being stuck  in bed so ill since the beginning of August.  I'm paying for my weekend away now, but at least I have some wonderful memories to keep me company while I try to rest up and recover.

On the way back we stopped off at Highcliffe for a ice cream, sadly the mists that we plaguing us all weekend obscured the view a bit, the double chocolate chip ice cream however was divine.

While away I did manage a little bit of crafting I took some yarns and hooks and made these crocheted stars for the wintertime wreath I'm making.  The pattern comes from 'this'   blog, I made them using a selection of different yarns and hooks.

As for my holiday reading I took along the latest copy of Molllie Makes magazine which was kind of appropriate as there was a article about a the new book 'Vantastic' which looks like a fabulous colourful read.

As for the music I've been listening to, well I hit shuffle and the album it picked today was 'The Be good Tanyas' China Town. Just perfect

Yarning along with Ginny, 'here'

Clare xx


  1. Is that you hugging the tree? So cute. This looks like an interesting place to visit, I'm fascinated by the idea that those trees could be so very old.

    1. Hi Jennifer, yep that's me with the tree :0)

  2. I enjoyed sharing your news and lovely pics Claire, thank you. The discarded beech leaves are so beautiful - so many lovely coppery tones in there.
    Hope you have a 'well' week!
    Joy x

  3. Looks like you had so lovely time away and thank you for sharing your photos, hope you get some nice rest this week.
    Marianne x

  4. Looks like you had a lovely trip. I love the New Forest and have been lucky enough to visit quite a few times for work - forestry has definite benefits as a career! Hope you're enjoying those memories and not feeling too bad. Juliex

  5. Yay tree hugging I love hugging tree I think I'm a bit of a hippy at heart. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Shame you didn't spot any unicorns xx

  6. I looks like you had a lovely time away. We live not far from the new forest, it's beautiful x

    1. Thanks for stopping by the Summerhouse, you are so lucky to live near to the New Forrest. x