Friday, 28 June 2013

Three Things :: 09/52

It's 'year of happy' time here again at the Summerhouse, so here are this weeks ' three things', that have made me happy that it's summer time.

Number one :

Are these local Kentish Strawberry, they were so yummy and sweet, no need to add a little sugar to these lovelies, natures sweeties.

Number two:

New summer bedding that arrived at the Summerhouse this week, I'm loving the summery sky blue colour, the flowers and butterflies.

I have to spend a lot of time resting in my Comfy bed, so thought it deserved the  treat of some new Summery bed linen.

Number three :

I had two appointments this week that took me right next to the beach, I love the sea and live very near it, but being mostly housebound means I don't often get down to the sea.

 So  I took the opputunity this week.  I got  the taxi to drop me right next to the beach for a while before my appointment and was skippy happy to breath in the sea air, see the sea and all the wild flowers growing on the beach.

How stunning are these wild sweet peas I just love the colours, pinks and purples just me cup of tea. They were growing in patches all over the beach.  It was so lovely to sit on a bench by the sea for a while. Simple Pleasures happy happy happy.

I hope you've all had a good week? why not leave a comment sharing what has made you happy this week, I love to read all your comments.

Clare xx


  1. Some great happies! New bedding is lovely and I have been eating lots of straws the past few days, I think I it may be the Wimbledon effect...!
    M x

    1. Thanks M, yep tis the season to eat strawbugs. Your tea party in your last post look s so sweet. xx