Tuesday, 18 June 2013

June :: Pick and Mix

It's pick and mix time again here at the Summerhouse, so here are Junes bits and pieces of Summerhouse living. Anyone for  Strawbugs?

The view from the window:

It's hard to believe it's June and I've been writing my blog for four months now, time flies and all that.
 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who been stopping by my Summerhouse, I find it hard to believe that I'm been getting so much traffic.

 I'm really thrilled, with how this whole blogging thing is going. Yes I know I'm very late to the party but I'm so glad to be in blogland.  So here's Junes view from the window, it actually looks like it could be Summer in this pic that was taken the other day. Here hoping it's blue skies all the way now, for the rest of the Summer.

Birthday's Galore


June sure has been a month for birthdays here at the Summerhouse, I've never made so many cards in one month. I've already told you about my sister 40th card 'here' and my Toadstool card 'here' but I've also made four of my birdie cards above and also another new design, which I'll share with you another day, once the birthday girl had received her card.

As well as making cards there has also been some birthday hooky action, in the form of theses two June Rose brooches.

Out in the garden:

It's such a busy time out in the garden, with all the Summer plants starting to blooms,  The Roses are all waking up, I just love the colour of these, Roses that are growing on a standard tree, in the garden.

They are one of my Dad Roses, that he planted in a half barrel on the patio, it always nice to see all the things he planted in the garden, a great way to remember him. I took these pictures on Fathers Day, which I guess is kinda apt.

I noticed the other day that the first of the Water Iris have started to flower in the pond, so it  must be Summer, we just need to convince the weather now.

and the lovely Geranium too, they are such a stunning colour, I look forward to seeing them every year, like old friends

and every year I try to capture there colour in a photo and can never quite manage it, I love to see them at dusk as there colour seems to be at it's most beautiful at that time of day.

All the Roses in the garden are in bud, this is a really old Rose that has huge thorns, I love this one as it appears to be like velvet, when in bloom, I'll try and get another shot when it's in full flower. Such a wonderful reds

As is the vibrant leaf on my Japanese Maple. So much colour everywhere, reds


and oh the blues

Our Horse Chestnut is in full bloom, it's so lovely do you want a closer look ? when you go near the air is humming from all the bee's collecting pollen.

So pretty

There are even some late comers for Spring still flowering in the Summerhouse border.

Bluebells and Roses what more could a girl want.

Oh alright then, lets throw in some Iris for good measure and all this before we've hardly started planting the Summer bedding. Over the past couple of weeks I have manage to gradually plant up the Summerhouse window boxes, a few minutes at a time with P help, but more on that another day.

Granny Bunting

I mentioned the other week I've been using Lucy tutorial over at Attic 24 to make some granny bunting for Yarndale

so far I've made these three and have plans to make at least one more to send off.  I realise that I've not made many pennants compared to some of the other crocheter out in blogland, but I think I've done OK seeing as my crafting time is so limited by my health. 

 I made the rainbow wool pennant using yarn that belonged to a friend of mine who passed away (way to young) earlier this year, she was a bit of a crafter to so I thought it was only right a bit of here yarniness goes off to Yorkshire too.

I've also started making some granny bunting pennants for the summerhouse, in various  summerhouse seaside colours, I adapted the pattern a little by adding a contrasting coloured edge and

I'm planning on adding a flower to each pennant. Now I've finally finished making all the June Birthday bits and bobs I'll have so free crafting time, so hopefully I'll be able to crack on with my bunting and Craft Clubs makes.

Bean stalkiness

Down in the kitchen at the moment we have a bean stalk growing, it's been there for a couple of weeks now waiting patiently to be planted in the garden. 

 It's from my nephew 'L''s school science project they had to plant the bean and complete a report each day as to how it was growing. Then make a presentation of it, he made a huge poster with a bean stalk cut from coloured card for his report and I think it must have gone well as he said it was the only one the teacher put it up on the wall.  So all we have to do now is plant the little beanie in the garden before it takes over the kitchen. (please ignore the dirty window eek )

Sweet pea granny

I know I said last time that I wasn't going to do it, no more new projects until I'd finished some of the ongoing ones, but seeing the yarn all together 'here' I just could resist.  So over the last couple of days while I've been stuck in bed recovering from the weekend, I decided to have a go at a Summer Granny Square. As there was no point me keep thinking about it, if my crocheting skills were not up to the job.

So after three lots of frogging, yesterday I finally had a completed square, which I think it really sweet? I'm still not going to order any new yarn until I have completed a project, but I think the Summerhouse really does need a Sweet pea and blue skied hued Summer granny blanket in it's life, I know I do.

Well that's all the pick and mix for this month, it's been a bit struggle getting this one written, taken more than a few days, but hopefully my energy levels will pick up a bit soon, sorry no time for any music today.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Pretty cards, pretty flowers, pretty brooches and strawberries - a perfect post! Love your summer granny square it looks great.
    M x

    1. Thanks M, the square took a bit of frogging but I go there in the end.xx