Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rosie delight

Morning just thought I quickly pop into the Summerhouse today to share with you some Rosie delight, yes we have magic colour changing Roses here at the Summerhouse, and over the last few days I've been taking a photo of the same flower ever morning, so I can share the magic with you all.

Natures a wonderful thing this Rose has been growing in the garden for as long I can remember it's a Florabunda Rose called 'Masquerade'

Clare xx

Just before I go I can't believe I'm saying this after the Spring time one 'here', but I decided last week that I'm going to attempt a crocheted Christmas wreath. Yes I know it's only June but after running out of time and missing the Spring Equinox  I wanted to give myself plenty of time for Christmas, as crafting with no energy takes a long time. So I've ordered some yarns as I had a 15% discount on Deramores and they arrived yesterday (along with some very exciting post indeed, more on that soon) do you want a quick peak, there's lots of sparkle, well it is for Christmas. ho ho ho. xxxx


  1. Gorgeous roses! And your new yarn looks lovely, good luck with your new project.
    M x

    1. Thanks M, I figure if I start soon I can go slowly and still get it finished in time for Christmas, although it seems a bit crazy to be thinking about it in June. xx