Saturday, 1 June 2013

Into the Blue

Aww need I say a word, lets just stand and stare at the wonder of it all, I told my sister back in April that I really wanted to and see a sea of bluebells as you know I've seen some 'here' and 'there' over the last few weeks, but what my heart was yearning for was carpet of Blue.

And bless her heart she found them for me, all that was needed was a quick detour on the way home from the shops and a bit of determination, from my sister with the wheelchair on the muddy footpaths

and we were there amongst all this, so stunningly beautiful, and right by the roadside.

I could'nt help but escape into it all, they might not have found me again until bluebell season was over if my legs worked better, I'd have disappeared off into it all.

 Now where have I got too?

Look high

Look low

There I am, one sneezing but very happy Clare.

 Then back along the path, not forgeting to look up

 Aww the greens

and Oh those blues

Oh go one then one last look from the car park.

and then off home to dream of blue's. Well worth a few days in bed recovering to see all this.  For now we've found them, we'll be going back next year  and the year after and who knows one day maybe I'll be well again and able to go for a long walk in the Bluebell woods.

Clare xx


  1. What a treat to wander in the bluebell wood! I've never had the chance to see them en masse in real life, as bluebells don't naturalise in NZ. So lovely to appreciate them with you. Sally :)

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for stopping by my summerhouse, I so hope to go back again netx year. I just popped over to your lovely blog your view of the mountains is gorgeous. :0)

  2. I'm so glad you got to see your bluebells :) Where did you find them in the end?