Friday, 21 June 2013

Mad as a Hatter :: Part 2

Do you remember earlier in the month when I told you about this 'here' Mad Hatter hat that I'm making for a local craft club exhibition, well seeing as it's craft club this coming Wednesday I thought I better get on with finishing it.

 The mini top hat I'm using is one of  those fascinator type head band hats, which I got from 'here' It's cheap and cheerful, which is fine for this make as all I really needed was a top hat to decorate.  It's just a bit of fun really.

The hat came with it own detachable net veil and is very glittery as you can see from what has fallen onto the craft table. I didn't want to make a exact replica of the Mad Hatter hat more of a summerhouse homage, so I decided to go with a blue theme as I thought it went really well with the black sparkly hat.

The fist thing I did was remove the veil (which was handily attached with Velcro) and tied a pale blue ribbon around the base of the hat.  I then reattached the veil to the Velcro and wrapped it around the hat fastening  the other end back onto the Velcro.

I then removed the hair clip from the back of this lovely glittery blue rose and glued it to the hat.  I thought about maybe crocheting a flower to go on the hat

but when I found this pretty blue rose among my hair clips I knew it would be perfect.

Then it was time for the mini hat pins

I slipped the cocktail stick hatpins into the side of the hat, tucking them behind the net and ribbon holding the charms in place at the top with glue dots. You can read all about how I made these hat pin in my Mad Hatter part 1 post

and my hat was nearly finished

I just needed to add a 10/6 sign to the side of the hat, no mad hatter hat would be complete with out one. I cut a piece of white card with my scalloped scissors to make the tag and slipped in behind the ribbon fastening the top of the tag in place with glue dots.

 and  then it was time for some Ta-Dahing,  first the hat pin side of the hat

then the flower side and finally

and Ta-dah my hat from the front.

 Hopefully it will be OK for the craft club exhibition, I still have my Alice Watercolour cards to do, I've not done anything more with them yet. I really just wanted to make this hat for the fun of it, something completely frivolous and nothing like my normal crafty makes.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. What fun! Always good to go "off piste" with crafting occasionally! E x
    PS I've sent you an email - hope you've got it OK. Thank you SO much!

    1. Yes it sure was lots of fun to make, thank you I got your email and your very welcome, I'm so glad you liked the little package and I'm touched that you are going to frame my card, xx
      Clare x