Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Birthday Bunny

Today I thought I'd tell you about the making of my Birthday Bunny card, this ones been ready to go in my drafts for a while and seeing as it has hopefully now arrived at it's birthday destination I thought I'd share it with you. I decided to design a bunny card for the birthday girl as she loves all thing bunny. So there was nothing else for it, a new Summerhouse by the Sea card design was needed.

The first thing I did was sort out a template for my bunny. I found a basic bunny shaped template in one of my craft magazines, then all I had to do was draw on the face and make a tail, tummy and ear patches as I knew that I wanted to use different papers on my bunny.

Here's the cute little bunny I ended up with, I then cut the main part of the bunny from cream polka dot paper.

Then I added a little bunny face free hand using a fine liner pen and blue pearlised beads for eyes. I think the face I drew on the template came out much better, but I guess that's life!

Then it was time to cut out the tummy and ear patches in pretty pink floral paper and glued them to my bunny.

I wasn't sure about the layout for my card until I found some green paper from my stash, that would be perfect for making a flower meadow for my bunny to hop around in. So I cut a asymmetrical piece with a wavy edge to look like grass and glued it to a blue card blank

I then attached a white cotton like bunny tail, to the back of the bunny with a glue dot (yippee for glue dots.)  The tail was cut with my scalloped scissor to give a  fluffy bunny tail effect and I added a cute little sequin flower with a pink gem stuck onto it to decorate my bunny a bit.

I also added some cute little flowers to the grass to form my bunny's meadow and after adding a Happy Birthday banner to the top of the card. I was ready for my bunny cards

big Ta-Dah moment.

I really hope the birthday girl likes her Summerhouse Bunny card and has a very hoppy birthday it was a lot of fun to make and a nice change from all the Birdie cards I've been making this year.

Bunny card ingredients:

  • Blue card blank
  • polka dot, floral and green paper
  • white card
  • gem flowers
  • blue pearlised beads
  • Birthday banner
  • flower sequin and gem
  • glue 
  • glue dots
  • scalloped scissor
  • scissor
  • black stablio pen

Happy Crafting

Clare xx

Just before I go,  I was reading that Google Reader  will be going on the 1st July eek, so it will effect anyone who been using it to follow blogs. I've added a bloglovin button on the sidebar so anyone who's effected and wants to use it, can keep following my blog on bloglovin.


  1. Another fab card Clare. I do think homemade cards are so much nicer to receive.

    1. Thanks, yep I think so too, I alway love receiving them x