Thursday, 20 June 2013

Three Things 08/52

Another week passes by here at the Summerhouse lost to resting and recovering from what most would consider a normally activity,  a  night out shouldn't require days in bed to bounce back from. but hey ho that's the world of Chronic illness.  So this weeks happy was mostly found from the location of my comfy bed.

Number one :

While stuck in bed on Monday I had a attempt at making a summer granny square, when I got up and looked  back at the bed seeing this huge pile of yarn made me smile. Merli the mog was also asleep at the bottom of the bed and was doing a very good job of not attacking said yarn.

Seriously what has life come to I'm in my thirties and  embracing my inner granny chic, yarn, cat, bed.  So out and proud Granniness is number one of my 'three things' post this week. Sometimes you just have to look on the bright side of things and find the happy.

Number two:


Are  the Roses growing by the door, in all there multi coloured glory, need I say anymore.


Number three:

The postie delivered my much awaited and belated birthday gift this week, a inky colouring book for grown ups and children alike.  I was thrilled when I discovered this book, and ordered it with some birthday money. I had to wait ages for Amazon to deliver it, but it sure was worth the wait. I do love a bit of colouring and when I've been very ill and stuck in bed in the past I have relied on colouring books as a low energy creative outlet. This book is absolutely beautiful, and if you like to colour and doddle I would highly recommend it, do you want a little peak into the secret garden?

Between the covers are page after page of stunning illustrations, so many flowers and leaves to colour, this book couldn't be anymore 'Clare' if it tried it's just perfect.

Yesterday I made start with my colours and I can tell you this book is a bit addictive, the drawings are so detailed with tiny bits to colour hence it being suited to  more of  grown up colouring connoisseur. If you fancy getting you own copy it's available 'here'

Yippee this book has made me sooo happy, and has been a great distraction in what at times has been a hard week health wise, energy payback in ME really is no fun. Still if I keep resting hopefully things will pick up soon, I'm already starting to feel a bit more human again for a few days bed rest and this afternoon I was able to manage a bit of crafting, finishing off my Mad Hatter Hat 'here' more on that next time. I'll post a pic, when I've completed this page from the Secret garden. Yay I have so many hours of inky 'Secret Garden' colouring to look forward too.

Why not leave a comment letting me know what has made you happy this week?

I hope you've had a happy week.
Clare xx


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my pink post! Popped by to say hello and love your colouring book for grown-ups! I am going to order a copy! What a lovely thing to wile away slow recuperation time. I think it will be a lovely meditative occupation for when one isn't well or indeed when one is! Hope things pick up for you after exerting yourself. ME is hard going. Thinking of you. E x

    1. Thanks I'm starting to feel a little better, it such a tricky thing balancing energy levels with ME/Lyme disease. I'm so glad you are going to order of copy of the colouring book, I'm sure it will give you hours of colouring pleasure.
      Clare xx

  2. Pretty yarn! That little colouring book is so beautiful.
    M x

    1. Thanks M, I just popped over to your blog and those hot choclate cup cakes look super yummy.

      Clare xx