Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Outside Living

We've finally got to the time of year here at the Summerhouse when the focus flips to outside living again, it been such a long cold winter and late Spring, but over the last few days, something seems to have changed and a hint of Summer seems to be in the air.

At  long last the Summerhouse doors have been flung open again and fresh air let in.  In didn't take long for our cat Dylan to discover this as yesterday afternoon when the Summerhouse door was left  wedged open by the doorstop, it wasn't long before 'P' said Dylan's in the summerhouse, he was in his favourite summerhouse snoozing spot having a siesta on the futon. So it must, must be summer as it takes a lot to entreat him from the warm comfy beds in the house.

On Monday my sister took me over to the local garden centre to get some plants to cheer up the summerhouse border and window boxes, here's a little selection, Daisies, Verbena Petunias, all in pinks purples and lilac, my favourites. I also bought a new cover for our mini green house, to keep them all snug and warm and hopefully snail free until they are planted.  If you thought I'd bought some plants, you've seen nothing yet ! come with me along the stepping stones to the Summerhouse and see.

The little mini greenhouse sits just outside the summerhouse and it packed to bursting with plants, so many they didn't all fit, there are still some on the garden table too. 'P'' sure is going to be kept busy planting this little lot.

How lovely are these Petunias they are called Monet mix and I've been buying them over the last few years for the summerhouse border as I love the colours so.  Over the next few weeks hopefully they will get planted a little at a time with 'P's help. Other outside stuff has been happening too, lunch has been eaten outside and.....

yesterday was another Summery first for the year, some outside Hooky time, to be able to sit out for a bit in the fresh air  was pure bliss. Even if I have to stay in the shade, it lovely to be outside and the weather was just warm enough to not feel cold in my shady corner of the garden.

It was lovely to sit at the little table and chairs, put my feet up and do some crochet, I can't tell you what I 'm making yet as it's for present, so I need to keep it a surprise, for now

Yay for Alfresco Hookiness.

I can however show you some of the crochet I'm been making over the last week or so. Remember 'here' and 'here' when I told you about the Granny bunting I've been making for Yarndale. Well I'm managed to make another couple of pennants,  a berry mix one, which reminds me of blueberry smoothies

and this crazy pennant that's oh so colourful. It was made as a experiment with rainbow wool.  So that's three Summerhouse pennant made so far for Yarndale and it's world record bunting attempt.

Before I go there's just enough time for one last look at the Summerhouse flowers, Aww Lovely

I hope you are enjoying some sunshine where ever you are.

Happy Crafting 

Clare x


  1. A lovely summery post! Hooky time al fresco is the best! I love the bunting you are making, it's very pretty. Thanks for your comment about my jam pot covers, the yarn I used was a cotton blend, I'm not sure of the brand because it was oddments my mum had given me but she thinks it may be a Sirdar cotton blend DK :)
    M x

    1. Thanks for stopping by my Summerhouse, your blog is so lovely. I love the 'Cute and Easy Crochet book too, I have plans to have a attempt at the Stripey Wave Cushion, Once I've made a set of bunting for the Summerhouse. xx