Sunday, 23 June 2013

Busy Birthday Weekend

It been a busy old weekend here at the Summerhouse, as it was my nephew 'L's' 10th birthday hard to believe he has hit double digits, so there was lots to do as the 2nd part of his birthday extravaganza was been held here.

On Friday we realised that we were missing a essential piece of birthday kit, for the party we'd forgot to get a banner, so I set to work with some colour paper, wiggly edged scissors and garden twine to make him a homespun one.

I added some little Denise the Menaces (his favourite) as I had a slight incident (in me sticky one the Y's on back to front, so needed to cover up some tape.) He loved the mini menaces though, although I think I prefer the banner without them, which is OK as I only stuck them on with blue tac, should we need to use the banner again.

Saturday was all about robots, Rice crispy robots to be precise, I'd seen a fab free standing robot made by Fiona Cairns on the Fabulous house of cakes last year and manage to find the recipe 'here'

So decided I would attempt to make one for the party tea, more on how I made him to come in a separate post.

I had lots of fun decorating my robot with lots of sweets on Saturday evening, and although by Sunday I wasn't feeling well enough to pin him together to see if he would stand, I think the children were please with him. There were lots of 'Wow's' when he was put on the party table.

 The first part of the birthday extravaganza was held at a local artificial ski slope, they all went tyre tobogganing, I was hoping to be well enough to go along in my wheelchair and watch, but sadly I just wasn't feeling up to it, my balance really was not very good yesterday morning  and I was feeling to dizzy. Plus I think the robot making from the day before was just too tiring for me (pesky chronic illness getting in the way again) So I stayed at home and had a rest and helped 'P' a little setting up for the party.

Luckily my sister took my camera along and took lots of picture and video clips, it looks like so much fun for little ones and big ones alike.

Whizzing down the slopes.

Then it was back to the summerhouse for a party tea, fun and games, just look at this sweetie cake.

Even the smallest guests enjoyed the party tea,  at the top of the picture you can see the remains of Chris the Robot, who will be going off to school in several party guests lunch boxes today.

Then it was time for birthday cake and home, my sister made this fab cake, with M&M's on the top as requested by the birthday boy. I think they all had lots of fun. Me I'll be having a few days in bed to restore my energy levels and try and recover a bit as I have a big adventure to look forward to in a couple of weeks, so I  need to do some major resting up.

Just before I go I thought I'd share this picture of the weekends Super Moon, sadly the summerhouse was shrouded with cloud over the weekend but I did get a little glimpse of it very late last night, but I was too exhausted to go and find the camera.  Isn't it stunningly beautiful.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, why not leave a comment sharing what you have been up to, I love to read them, where ever you were I hope you got to see the moon.

Clare xx

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