Monday, 10 June 2013

Mad as a Hatter :: Part 1

So what was all that talk about cocktail sticks and  hatpins last time, I here you ask? Well today all will become clear as I'm going to tell you bit more about it.

As I mentioned 'here' my local Craft Clubs current project is on Alice in Wonderland, so I thought for a bit of fun I would try and make the Mad Hatters Hat.  My first thought was to make a hat and believe me there are some great tutorial online about making a Mad Hatter Hat from a cardboard box. In the end I decided against that route, it would have been fun but I have to be pratical with my low energy levels sometimes it' no fun crafting with a chronic illness.

I had a little look on Amazon and found this mini top hap with veil, isn't it cute, it's one of those fascinator type hat on a head band and as it was only £5.00, I decided in a flurry of excitement that I need to have one in my life. A bit of a risk as I already had plans to do some paintings for the Alice exhibition, but I've since checked with the lady who run the craft club and she said it was fine for me to do both yippee, a sort of serious piece and this, which I just wanted to make for sheer fun of it.

So I raided the craft supplies in the summerhouse for ribbons and charms as  I knew I needed some hatpins but where to find them???   I had a little think about it and decided I'd  try and make some.

So that's what I did I  painted some wooden cocktail sticks with gold, silver and pewter coloured nail vanishes and found a old  Button some beads and charms that seem to go with Alice theme, a cupcake,  a key and a old sailor button as well as some beads.

The tricky bit was trying to attached them to the sticks, I used a combination of  2mm double sided tape and foam pads to fix the charms to the sticks using craft tweezers which was a bit fiddly, but hopefully they will stay stuck, fingers crossed anyway.

and Ta-Dah my teeny Tiny hatpins were complete, hopefully once they are on the hat they will look convincingly like antique pins.

That as far as I've got with my Hat making for now, so they'll be another Mad as a Hatter instalment another time.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx

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