Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Woodland Wanderings

On Sunday I finally made it out of the house for my, belated birthday blue bell adventure.  In the end after some online research we managed to find a wheelchair accessible Woodland just ten minutes down the road from my sister's house. I think this little section of the Blean Woods is a bit of a hidden treasure. So who wants to come for a Spring time woodland wander? 

We went along the wildart trail, the start of this circular trail is marked by these totem poles

Off we trundled down the lovely wide level paths, I would highly recommend this part of the woods to anyone using a wheelchair or with a buggy, or bikes. Just look how wonderfully green everything is, it make me so happy to be able to get out into nature, something that's not always easy for Wheelchair users.

Around the trail are carvings and sculptures made from natural materials, the last time my sister and her family came to check out the woods to see if it was suitable, my nephew had fun trying to spot them, but couldn't find the Heron, so he was determined to find it this time.

and spot it we did here's a closer look, not quite sure how they missed it the first time round.

accompanying us on our woodland adventure is Mutley, my sister family dog. He was so excited to be out and about in the woods and who can blame him. Me I was on the look out for the Bluebells

and there they were, looking so beautiful amongst the lovely vibrant greens of Springtime.

Seeing all these bluebells made my heart skippy happy, I can't tell you how many photo's I took, when I narrowed it down to do this post I had about 40 photo's that I wanted to use in my blog, so I think I'm going to have to be ruthless with the edit.

not sure how though, as the bluebells are just all sooo lovely. I spent a while just taking it all in.

Storing up the memory, so that when I'm stuck at home in bed feeling ill, I can feast upon the sight of them once again.

I don't think the photo's do justice to how wonderful it all was.

Continuing on along the trial we came across this chap, carved from a old tree stump, lots of the tree stumps in the woods are carved on the top but this one is something else.

Aww one final shot of the Blue bells before we continue are way down the path, and one very happy Clare, mission completed.

My sister did a very good job pushing me all the way round this woodland trail and I appreciated it so much, other than my trip to the Castle a week or so ago I've not been to the woods for many many years, so this was a real treat.

Along the way we passed sculpture and totem poles and huge giant ants and there giant ant hills and then all of a sudden we would come across a view

A wonderful view like this, that makes your heart soar.

There was also plenty of wildlife out and about, the birds song was just beautiful and we came across this little fellow warming himself in the sun. I'm not sure the last time I saw a slow worm in the wild, so this was a lovely discovery on our trundle. Although it looks like some trauma has befallen his tail.

There was such a variety of trees in the wood, and some of it is handily labelled up and framed. Natures own TV!

This is the Radfall an ancient droving way between Canterbury and the coast, it not the best photo but you can just about make out the sculptures of the drover and his pigs.

We continues down the Radfalls  way through the living arch way

There were other living willow structure too, I bet they'll be great for children to play in, when they are in full leaf in the summer time.

Along the droving way the tree stumps are all carved so there is plenty to keep children's interest. Me I was just happy to see all the trees.

All the new greens of Springtime, with wonderful blue skies as a backdrop happy happy.

Trees trees wonderful trees.

There were carved woodpecker to be finding in the trees

some easier to spot

than others.

and the greenery so gorgeous, I'm loving all the zesty greens, that we have here in the UK in the Spring

I love love love them so, I guess it's worth all the rain if you get all this!

Further down the path we came across some of the woods Konik horses

They were very friendly and came over to say hello, I glad to say we didn't come across any of the Highland cattle that also use the woodland for grazing.

Then it was just a short way along the path to the car park

Just before heading back to the car, there was time for one last look back along the path, what a perfect way to spend a hour or so on a Sunday, as for Mutley we'd worn him out he fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Clare xx


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely woodland walk. It sounds like you really enjoyed it. x

    1. Aww thank you for the lovely comment, and for stopping by my Summerhouse.
      Clare x