Monday, 27 May 2013

Sleepy Weekend

It been a very slow and sleepy weekend here at the Summerhouse, I been feeling pretty rotten since Thursday,  who ever invented Lyme disease and it's awful herxheimer reactions has a lot to answer for. So I've spent most of the bank holiday weekend lying around feeling really ghastly.

I had plans for this weekend too, as my shiny new laptop, was being delivered. I've been looking forward to having a new laptop for so long, as my old laptop, the one I usually write my blog on is over 12 years old now, very slow and clunky and like me keeps ceasing up.  So to be having a nightmare herx flare up now is really not a good time.

I'm not very techie minded at the best of times, so when my Uncle turned up on Saturday with my new laptop, I've named him Sammy by the way, my heart sunk a little as I really had no energy in the tank, for dealing with new technology.  Thankfully my uncle did most of the wizzy laptop setting up while I did a lot of lulling about with my head in my hands, bemoaning the scary and unfamiliar world of Windows 8, really would it have hurt them to have left the start button on there. By the end my brain was feeling like porridge. 

 I have since discovered a major flaw with this Samsung window 8 notebook, after accessing a  internet page a few times it seems to loose the ability to display the screen properly, so you can't read or access sites, I'm not happy as I bought this laptop mainly for Internet use when I'm stuck in bed. So anyone with Samsung notebook that knows how to fix this please leave a comment.  

So yesterday and today I've mostly been sofa bound, I couldn't face another day in bed so I've been seeking comfort from hot water bottles and cups of tea in my new flower pot mug, do you like it, I think it's birdietastic, with it's lid on, lid off product feature ! Aww

 I've been following the advise about coping with a Herx, by drinking lots of water, and having Epsom salts baths and resting. I've not be up to very much at all, not much energy for crafting, although I did manage a little bit of crochet over the weekend a little at a time.

It's taken me a few days, but this is the first of my Attic 24 Granny bunting pennants The plan is to make a few to send off to Lucy at the wonderful 'Attic 24'. They are going to made into a huge collective bunting for Yarndale a woolly festival celebrating all things yarny to be held in the Autumn. It's in Yorkshire, which is way to far from the summerhouse for me to visit, but hopefully a little bit of Summerhouse bunting will be there.

Talking of the Summerhouse and bunting, I think I'm going to make some granny bunting for the Summerhouse too. I'm using my left over yarn from the Springtime wreath to make the bunting.  It 's a good project for energy pacing as you have to fasten off after each round. So I've been able to do a round then have a rest/sleep before doing the next, so the perfect make for this weekend.

Don't worry I've not forgot about my Birdie Bunting  there's room for them all in the Summerhouse as it  has three set of rafters and one was always intended for crocheted bunting, yippee.

I did manage to make it out to the garden for some fresh air yesterday afternoon, to admire the lovely Wisteria. We waited for years for it to flower but it wasn't until the cold snowy winters of recent years, that it finally started to bloom, I love the colour of it so.

Here's a water colour and ink I painted last Spring, it's the last full size picture I was well enough to paint. I always think it looks a bit like it should be a fabric print. What do you think ?

I've spent a some of my sofa bound time reading a bit more of 'Falling through the World' by Rachel Clarke, so far I'm finding this book to be a outstanding ficitonal work, about a young girl struck down with ME and all that comes with such a terrible diagnosis at such a young age. A truly accurate representation of what it is to be a teenager with this awful illness with no treatment or cure. A life put on hold, I should know as I first became ill at fourteen like the character in the book.

As I progress through the book I get the sense it's not going to be the easiest read, for me, there maybe tears but it's also a very funny book. Anyone with a friend of family member or who just wants to become more socially aware of the realities of ME should read this book, you can get a copy from Amazon 'here'

Well that's about all for today, I'm off for another rest, here's hoping tomorrows a better day health wise for me and anyone else that is feeling under the weather.

Clare xx


  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Your bunting triangle is lovely; I'm enjoying watching these roll out on the blogs I read. I'm a new follower and I really like your blog. :)


    1. Hi Jennifer, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished yarndale bunting, it's such a great idea, thanks for stopping by my summerhouse. x

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon Clare. I love your birdie mug with lid and your watercolour is beautiful.

    Good luck with the Yarndale bunting too.

    1. Hi Sara hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better in a few days, I love my mug too, I think it a gardening one, so your cuppa stays warm with it's cute little lid. xx

  3. I hope you feel better really soon. Love your birdie mug and the crochet bunting you are working on.
    M x

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by the Summerhouse, I discovered your blog the other day, your creations are soooo lovely. x