Friday, 24 May 2013

New Birdie Make

Hello.. today I thought I'd tell you about a very ongoing project of mine. This is one of those ones that takes an age especially if you have limited crafting time and are easily distracted like me by other crafts and makes. This little makes has been languishing at the bottom of my sewing basket since the end of last Summer.

Way back last summer, a creative group I'm a member of on Facebook decided on a group project of designing and making a bunting we each made a bunting pennant. We were given the size the pennant needed to be but it was up to us what we made of it, sewing, knitting, crochet, photo based, whatever you wanted. Here at the Summerhouse being a bit bonkers for all things birdie 'here' I decided to make a birdie bunting pennant.

I loved my finished pennant so much that I decided I would make my very own  birdie bunting to hang in the Summerhouse.

So using the same template that I have recently been using to make my birdie cards, I cut out some felt birds.  Then I got distracted when the cold weather set in by knitting hand warmers and then by my Spring time crocheted wreath . Now summer is nearly upon us and my  bunting is still unmade so over the last few weeks I've finished cutting out the felt birdies.

Then I had some fun selecting some lovely fabrics from my stash for the little birdies wings.  As they as so small I opted for fabrics with a smaller pattern on them, so lots of  ditsy flower prints and some polka dots.

 Here they all are, cut out and ready to have there wings sewn on. I'm planning to do this using embroidery thread in complimentary colour and then sew on a button eye. As I say it's going to be a ongoing project with still so much to do with my limited paced crafting time, hopefully I'll have my birdie bunting made by the end of the Summer. I'll keep you posted as to how my new birdie make is going.

Happy crafting

Clare xx


  1. These are so sweet Clare! I have a pile of things I'm 'in the middle of' too xxx

    1. Thanks Karen, yep I know that feeling oh to well. xxx

  2. They look great Clare and should keep you busy for a while!

    1. Thanks Sara, this going to be a ongoing project I think. xx

  3. I really like your little birdie bunting, it's very cute.