Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend wanderings

Morning....... who liked to go for a little wander about? Well over the weekend I was still feeling really rotten, so Saturday was another day in bed and plans to visit the assessable bluebell wood were put on hold again. This I think now may have been a blessing in disguise, as maybe by next weekend there will be more bluebells out and hopefully if I have a few more days in bed I'll be feeling a bit better too.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, after a tough week, so my sister came up with a lower energy plan to get me out of the house for an hour and to try and find some bluebells. So the wheelchair went in the car and we travelled five minutes down the road to a local castle.

For a small seaside town we sure do have some castles, three in total two still standing and a ruin. It's strange to play tourist in your own town but that's what we did. I've not been to the castle since I was a kid and I was pleased to discover when we crossed the draw bridge that I could upgrade my wheelchair for one of the castles mobility scooters yippee so lets go for a wander.

It was all a bit like the secret garden, which was one of my favourite books as a child. As the access to the garden for wheelchairs and scooters was through a very old beautiful gate, I wish I'd taken a photo now. We went straight passed the  formal part of the garden and headed for the woodland walk.

Tootling along the paths, the woodlands are stunningly beautiful this time of year with there new green leaves, and white wood anemones, off we went in search if bluebells, surely there had to be some.

and there they were, just a small patch of them, but how lovely they are, they make my heart sing, such wonderful colour, we had hoped there would be more throughout the woodland but alas no, but there was so much more to see. Come on lets take a look...

Everywhere you looked the tree were just beautiful, waking a up from a very long winters sleep.  It was lovely to be out and about in the woods.

The woodland encircled a wonderful wildflower meadow, which I was very happy to see, as UK wildlife sure needs these spaces, especially the bee's and insects, plus it was so beautiful.  The man at the castle that helped us with the gates, told us that there is a fox at the castle who has ten cubs at the moment, it must be wonderful to see them playing.

There were bluebells in the meadow

and this little beauty, I'm not sure if it's a primula or a cow slip? maybe someone could leave a comment.

Flowering in the meadow were also celandine's and buttercup daisies bluebells and dandy lions, just to name a few, I hope the wildlife strip at the bottom of our garden fairs as well as this.

Here's a closer look.

There were some wonderful old trees in the grounds, like this fabulous old cherry tree that my nephew couldn't resist attempting to climb, it's like something from the pages of 'Harry Potter'.

 We eventually arrived back at the more formal part of the garden, and I love love loved all the pink tulips that were everywhere.  The castle used to be one of the official residences of the Queen Mother, so I'm guessing all the fab pink tulips that were everywhere are a nod to her.

Just look at this fabulous tree isn't nature amazing. I'm loving this zesty green.

Here's the castle hiding in the hedges

Then it was down the formal path with the oh so Harry Potter hedges, my nephew and I were trying to spot shapes in the hedges, we found lots of faces and we even made out the shape of a elephant. At the end of the path we turn left, into yet another area of the gardens

This is the Queen Mothers garden which was design for her and opened by the Queen Mother in 1997, my nephew spent some time watching the fish and tadpoles while my sister and I had a rest in the stone gazebo, the perfect place for me and my sun allergy.

Here's a shot through the stones pillars, I think the garden is best viewed looking from the opposite end but the mobility scooter couldn't access that area.

The moat has also been planted up but alas we were unable to get down to it with the scooter but here are some picture from above.

Then it was back along the path to the old metal gate and off home, for one of  P's wonderful roast dinners.  Wandering around the gardens, what a perfect way to spend an hour.  The UK is just so wonderfully green at this time of the year, with all the new leaves on the trees.

Talking of new leaves, here's what I been making over the last few days while I've been stuck in bed feeling pretty rotten, knittied leaves for my purple leaf cushion It took some help from the lady who runs the craft club, but I finally figured out the pattern.

Happy Crafting

Clare xxx


  1. Oh, I really enjoyed this, Clare... I have been watching the (finally!) flourishing trees from my window but it is lovely to see a bit more in your pics :) I'm so glad things are growing and all the gorgeous green and blossoms are showing themselves at last!!
    Hope you're feeling well enough to make it to the bluebell wood soon!! I had been hoping I might manage a trip round the corner in the car to see the cherry blossoms I can see from my window a bit closer but the winds have nlown them all away before I managed it :( Next year maybe!!
    Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel, sorry to here you didn't make it to see the Cherry Blossom before the pesky winds got to them. It got our lovely tulips too :0( I took the cherry blossom shot on my three things post from my window too. I've not been to the woods for so many years so it was a real treat. I've had lots of positive feedback on Facebook about this one. So when and if I go out and about, I think I'll do more of these posts, as virtual days out, as I know how awful it is to be stuck in the house,xx