Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Three Things 03/52

Posting about three things each week for a year that have made me happy. Here's this weeks Hippy Happiness. 

Number one

My lovely Button It sewing box, that sits on my bedside table. It was a birthday gift last year and I love it so. 

The flowers and polka dots what's no to like, this week while I've been stuck in bed. I've given it a bit of a tidy up, as I've restarted a sewing project from last year that was lurky at the bottom of the box.

Number two

The Camellia is flowering in the garden isn't it wonderful, just the sight of this gorgeous flower make me Skippy happy, such vibrant colour. Only two flowers on it this year, what with on the bad weather, but how lovely they are.

Number three

Are these lovely little rows of Birdies, (the lurking project from the Button It box) I cut the felt pieces out last summer for a project (more on that another time) and this week I been spending my crafting time, sorting out the colours and selecting the fabrics for the birdies wings. Happy Happy Birdie Happy.

Why not leave a comment and let me know, what you've been up to this week, what made you happy.

Have a Happy week.

Clare xx


  1. What a lovely idea this is, Clare... your pics are so pretty they make me happy too!! :)
    hugs, Rachel x

    1. Aww thanks Rachel, thanks for dropping by the summerhouse. x

  2. Just popping in to say"hello".I have also purchased the rabbit pattern.I have this vision of people all over the world knitting away at these rabbits!

    1. Hello, the world can never have too many knitted bunnies !! thank for dropping by my Summerhouse. x