Thursday, 23 May 2013

Three Things :: 04/52

Posting about three things each week for a year that have made me happy. Here's this weeks three things that have made me smiley Happy.

Number one

Well it just had to be the bluebells woods, how could it not have been. Such a wonderful sight, left me with huge smileliness in my heart.

Number two

Is this stunning Moth orchid, isn't it gorgeous, I've been watching the buds forming over the last few weeks. It's the only orchid that has ever re flowered here at the Summerhouse, and not for want of trying with the others. This beauty keeps re flowering every two years, like clockwork. It lives on the table in our lounge and I guess it must be happy there.

Number three

New art supplies, I love a bit of good post, that's what's great about Internet shopping. I ordered these water colour postcards, for the Alice in Wonderland project 'here' and I'm so pleased with how lovely they are. They came in this gorgeous tin, which I was not expecting at all.  It's been great to be using my watercolours again over the last couple of days. I've not done any painting before this for about a year, as my energy levels were not good enough to tackle a huge painting, so these are great as I can do my small postcard size painting from my comfy bed. Happy Happy.

Hows your week been?, what has made you smile, why not leave a comment and share the happy.

Clare xx

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