Friday, 10 May 2013

Three things 02/52

Hello...... it's time again for my Three things post this week has been a bit of a mixed one for me as I had a busy weekend, so I've been paying for it with a symptoms flare up so I have spent a lot of time this week bed resting trying to regain some energy.

Aww my lovely view of the windmill, it's not in my three things list but I needed a shot for the top of the page and this view always make me happy, I look at it everyday. I took this shot a few minutes ago and it's already gone cloudy as it sure is blowing hoolie here today at the Summerhouse. So here they are my three things, my year of  happy, moments for the week.

Number one.

 Time travel !!

My 1940's style Joe Brown dress.

My attempt at a 1940's hair do, it was a bit tricky with my curly hair.

Vintage style shoes.

Yep Time travel .......  last weekend I went on a time travelling adventure back to the 1940's. Well not exactly but I had a wonderful time at a friends 1940's themed birthday party. It was lovely to get dressed up and go out of the house. Nights out are very few and far between for me as being exhausted all the time sure can put a dent into your social life.

Normally of a evening I'm in my PJ's so high heels was a bit of a culture shock, in fact I doubt I've had a pair on since my sister's wedding in 2008 !! So as you can guess they weren't on my feet for long, as I took some ballet pumps in my bag.

It was lovely to see everyone dress up in a mix of 1940's fashion and bizarrely Star Wars ! (the party was on the May the 4th, be with you ) It was a  great party though, I got to see some friends I've not seen for a while and they had a fab swing band playing called 'Big Orange Head' who had people up and dancing.  I do love a bit of live music, it's something I really miss, going out and listening to music and playing, I wish I was well enough to do it more often. So all in all this night out was well worth, a few days bed rest to try and get over it, as this time travel malarky sure is tiring.

Number two



Tulips galore

The Tulips in the garden are soooo stunning this year, it make me smile to look a them. I tried to capture how glorious they are with the camera and failed misarably but these shot will have to do. I love, love them so much, bright and colourful. Happy Happy Happy.

Number three

Is this gorgous Glass Peakcock butterfly sun catcher

Yes Tuesday was a very good post day for me. As this beautiful Glass butterfly arrived,  it's a belated birthday gift from a friend isn't it stunning. I going to hang it in the Summerhouse. Where it can provide lots happy.

So that's my week of Happy, what made you happy this week ? why not leave a comment and share the Happy.

Clare xx

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  1. I have to admit I was struggling with this one a bit this but my friends, my cat and crafting make me happy :) xxx