Friday, 3 May 2013

Three things 01/52

Hello.... isn't the sky a gorgeous colour today, here at the summerhouse.  So todays the day when I'm going to start a new regular post.  I've seen lots of these posts out and about in blogland and I thought I'd try one of my own.

So every week the plan is to do a 'three things' post and hopefully by the end of the year, I'll have a whole year of happy to look back on, a count your blessing kind of thing, as life can sure be tough sometimes, when living with a chronic illness.

I started something similar at the beginning of the year with a jar and some sticky notes, one of those new years resolutions things but of late I've become a little remiss with it, as I filled my little jar up already, which can only be a good thing! then I couldn't find the sticky notes, or I just forgot. so I'm hoping this is going to be a easier way to do it. So here I go off into my 'Year of Happy' adventure.

Number one

Being able to get out and about and visit a local nature reserve at the weekend, it was wonderful and to see the lovely scenery. Happy happy happy.


Number two

I was over the moon happy when this fabric arrived the other day, such lovely vibrant colours and gorgeous patterns.  I couldn't stop myself from smiling.  It's by designer Eline Pellinkhof and accompanies her book 'Stitch and sew home. Do you want to have a closer look? here it is covering the summerhouse futon.

One of the reasons this fabric made me so happy, is that when I ordered it online I wasn't entirely sure what I would be getting as in the book it's described as nine different patterns and borders on one piece of fabric but there is no image. It also holds the promise and excitement of a new hobby as I've not really done much sewing before, other than little felt makes here and here.

Number three

is this beautiful orange Gerbera daisy how could you not be happy when you see this cheery little plant. I received it as a birthday gift and hopefully it will be producing it's happy blooms for a long while to come.

Well that's the Happy for this week, why not leave a comment telling me what's made you happy this week.

Have a happy week

Clare xxx


  1. Sounds like such a great idea Clare. Living with chronic illness is such a struggle most of the time so its good to celebrate the positives :) xxx

    1. Hi Lindy, hopefully this time next year it'll be good to look back at a year of little happy moments, that might have got missed and forgot, if they'd not been recorded. xx

  2. Loving your last few posts - the strawberry is so cute! You're very talented and I'm sure the sewing will be another string to your bow!

    1. Aww thanks Jess, I'm not sure about the sewing, when I did textiles at school many years ago the teacher was off long term so the metal work teacher was covering the class, so we did a lot of gluing and stapling and not much sewing lol. ;)

  3. A great idea for recording those happy things throughout the year. The fabric is beautiful and I look forward to seeing how you use it.

    Knowing it was a nice long weekend and the sun was out made me happy this week.

    1. I hope you're enjoying the long weekend, and sunshine to for a bank holiday. x