Thursday, 30 May 2013

Three things :: 05/52

Blogging about three things that have made me happy each week for a year. This weeks been quite a tough one for me health wise, so my three things are all based around Crafting, I guess even when I'm not physically well enough to do very much crafting , I can still plan future crafts and makes, which is dangerous when you already have a very long list of future makes.

Number one.

To much time to with no energy to craft leads to thinking of new projects instead, that lead to some Summerhouse retail therapy, in the form of new craft supplies yippee, some new ribbons and trims and a oh so cute bird house, (for another project for the growing makes list)  I must must must, stop adding makes to the list before finishing the ongoing ones.  Which lead to a good post day when the postie delivered this little lot, equalling one happy Clare.

Number two.

To compensate I've also been thrifty crafting  too, I'd run out of tiny shell buttons for my birdie cards 'more here' until I spied my old painting tunic, which is I'm mean was decorated with lots of shell buttons and beads.

Until last Friday,when I rediscovered it and got into a bit of a snipping frenzy, such joy to be had in a discovering a free supply of buttons. Simple pleasures

after a bit of snipperdy snip snipping, I was left with this lovely bowl of shell buttons and beads, I was careful with my cutting so I still have a intact painting tunic, it's just less it's buttons. I'm now thinking that maybe I could use these lovely button on my birdie bunting too, I love it when a plan come together, free, thrifty, recycled craft supplies Happy Happy Happy.

Number three.

Aww how cute does my new yarn basket look filled with Candy coloured yarn, ready to hook up some Attic 24 Granny Bunting   for Yarndale and some for the Summerhouse too.  This was another birthday gift, so much handier then carrying yarn around in bags. Happy Happy

 So over the weekend I hooked up my first bunting pennant 'here', at times this was some what of a extreme sport as my cat Merlin decided to get involved. He just couldn't resist the crochet yarn and basket combo. Even though he knows the summerhouse rule 'that he's not to play with the yarn.'  I relented in the end and cut him his own piece to play with. Well it was more self preservation.   So we had a happy Merli too, look he's smiling.

That's all the happy for this week, and a very crafty bunch of happy it is too. What's made you smile this week? why not leave a comment.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx

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