Friday, 17 May 2013

Flower wreath: Birthday card.

Hello, here's another one of my here's one I made earlier posts. I made this card last autumn for my lovely Mum for her birthday, she loves pink and all pastel colours, so I came up with this Flower wreath design for her card. 

The first thing I did was cut a ring out of cardboard that I  pinched upcycled from the recycling pile. I then cut another ring out of this cream paper with pastel spots, which I glued to the cardboard ring. I cut the paper using my wiggly edged scissors for a decorative finish on the edge of the wreath as some of it would be visible in the cards design.

I then used some beautiful paper flowers in contrasting greens and pinks to decorate the wreath, some of the flowers I doubled up for effect, I played around with the layout  for a bit arranging and rearranging until I was happy. I then I stuck the flowers onto the card using glue dots (I do love a glue dot).

Then it was time for the fun bit adding some buttons and beads to the centres of the flowers, I then added some gem flowers onto the wreath which I thought helped balance it a bit and added a hanging ribbon to the top of the wreath which I fasten with double side tape to the inside of the card.

and Ta-Dah my card was complete. 
Mum loved it so much that she has plans to put it in a frame.

Flower wreath ingredients 

  • Pink card blank
  • cardboard
  • Spotty paper
  • glue stick
  • paper flowers
  • buttons, beads and gem flowers
  • ribbon
  • glue dots
  • double sided tape
  • wiggly edge scissors.
 What have you been making lately ? why not leave a comment as I'd love to here about your crafts and makes.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Beautiful card Clare. They would also make great Christmas cards in red and green.

    1. Thanks Sara, you right about the design as a Christmas card, I would never have thought of that, that's what so great about blogland creative idea mushroom into other creative ideas. xxx

  2. Its so pretty and easy to make..I must say wonderful arrangements of Flowers...thanx for sharing such a wonderful post!!!!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Ruchika and for stopping by my summerhouse.