Thursday, 5 February 2015

Paper Flowers

Hello.......... Todays post is going to be all about paper flowers I do love them and have quite a stash of the little beauties.  

Here at the Summerhouse there seems to have been so many Birthdays in January, so I decided to make Paper Flower cards for two of my crafty friends who happen to share the same birthday.

First up I had a 50th Birthday card to make and decided I would make a celebration wreath of lovely paper flowers. So I  started off by sticking a cardboard wreath onto my card blank.

Then it was time for the fun bit layering up my flowers and adding buttons and beads, whats not to love.

Then using glue dots I stuck them onto the cardboard wreath,  so simple but effective.

Then added a cute little ribbon

The tricky part was making the teeny tiny '50' to sit in the wreath which I cut by hand with decoupage scissor, before covering in a layer of glitter glue.


For the next card I made a couple of two layer flowers  and also a four layer flower then added crystals


I've not really done any card making in a while and really enjoyed playing around with paper flowers, buttons, beads and glitter, a nice change from all the crochet.

Never fear though I'm still in blanket making mode too.

Happy Crafting

Clare x


  1. Lovely bit of brightness and fun! 🌷🌻🌹🌺🌻🌼

  2. Lovely bit of brightness and fun! 🌷🌻🌹🌺🌻🌼

  3. It's lovely!! Very colorful and so cute!!

  4. This is so pretty and fresh - I love it! Hugs to you!

  5. Very pretty, homemade cards are always so lovely! :) xxx

  6. I was lucky enough to be the person who received the 50th card and it's absolutely beautiful! I will treasure it and all the other handmade cards I was sent - I was fortunate enough to receive a lot of cards but the handmade ones are always extra special I think - Thank you Clare for making me such a pretty card! :) xxx

  7. Both beautiful cards, I love the flowers such a good idea.

  8. Such pretty cards!! I am sure that the recipients will love them. xx

  9. The cards are so beautiful, a gift really. Hugs,

  10. Beautiful cards Clare! (I also adore paper flowers - I have a collection of little flower punches and every now and then I spend and hour or so punching out flowers from leftover bits of paper - they are perfect to have around when you need to make a quick card!)

  11. Beautiful cards, great idea!!
    Have a nice weekend, greetings.