Sunday, 15 February 2015

28 Drawings later (week two)

Hello......... So it's week two of the February art challenge I'm joining in with over on Facebook.  It's been a struggle at times this week as I've had a major flare up of symptoms and my joints are not very happy at all but here's what I came up with.

Day 8: I drew this goose in water colour pencil and ink, it's not that great but I was feeling pretty rotten.

Day 9: A colour pencil landscape

Day 10 Another landscape, I love using purples and magenta in my landscapes.

Day 11: A spot of still life

Day 12: A very quick pencil and ink, why waiting to go to doctors, was feeling really rough hence how shaky it is in places.

Day 13: I only had the energy for a quick pencil sketch of a mini daffodil today

Day 14: Is this weeks cheat, it's a watercolour and ink I painted this time last year but I thought it would be perfect for valentines day.

Well that's about it, you can see what I got up to in week one of the 28 Drawing Later challenge 'here'  I'm ever hopeful for better energy levels and health this coming week and of course some drawing inspiration.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Beautiful drawing Clare, hope you feel better.

  2. I remember your heart garland picture from another post, it's so lovely, I reeeeeeally hope you gave it on display in your house :)
    Your little snowdrop picture is fabulous too, does not look shaky at all :)
    Take care of yourself Clare,

  3. Your artwork is really beautiful. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Ooooh I adore the picture of the snow drops - the simplicity really captures that lovely flower - and the heart is gorgeous too! I feel for you and your low energy levels. I do so hope you have some relief from this flare soon and the spring sunshine brings you renewed strength. Take care - and be kind to yourself, J9 x

  5. I really like day 10 and day 11! Of course I love the heart too! Great to see more of your talent! xx

  6. Pretty drawing ! Hope you do fel better soon.