Friday, 20 February 2015

Five on Friday (1)

Hello........ Today I thought I'd join in with 'Amy' and her Five on Friday link up, I've never joined in before so this week I though I'd share five things from my week.

This week I have been eating  Deliciously Ella Energy Bites, you can find the recipe 'here' these came in very helpful last week as my energy levels were at zero with this current relapse really flaring up.  They are so yummy and helped me resist reaching for the chocolate. Thankfully the joint pains, fever and inflammation have started to settle again now, I think it might have been a Herxheimer reaction from the Lyme treatment, being ill really is no fun.

This week I have been listening to Jason and Pharis Romero, such wonderful harmonies and playing. After spending several days in bed I was lucky enough to be able to go and enjoy some wonderful live music.

This week I have been delivering parcels

containing yarny goodness, my first ever crocheted Baby Blanket you can read more about how I made it 'here'

This week I have also been sorting out  the yarn in the Summerhouse, yes the craft supplies were getting a bit out of control.What I really wanted was to have the yarn on display on the shelves but being out in the garden the Summerhouse is prone to insects and spiders so in the end I opted for storage draws as no one want cobwebs in there yarn. So that's the first couple full, still lots more sorting to do.

Last but not least this week I have been happy to see the mini iris starting to flower in the garden hopefully Spring is on the way.

Well that's my week pretty much summed up, despite feeling pretty rotten at times I have achieved some things and I'm please to say that I've been feeling much better over the last couple of days  so things are looking up.

Happy Crafting 

Clare x


  1. Five good things that I am glad have cheered you up a little while you have been dealing with your health flare up. Your iris is so pretty isn't it - I am very jealous of that! I love the way you have arranged your yarn by way of being a rainbow too, that looks really pretty! Thank you so much for joining in! xx

  2. Hi Clare, I do hope you are feeling better! I love your crochet creations and the pretty flower that is blooming!

  3. Good evening, Clare! Oh my, your blanket is absolutely beautiful! A job well done, my dear. Also, your wrapping is quite lovely :)

    Take care, my dear, and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  4. Your baby blanket is beautiful! I love the stitches you used and the soft colours. A nice set of 5 on Friday! Wendy

  5. Hi Clare, your baby blanket is lovely - thank you for sharing it. I have been looking for a nice pattern as I am going to be a new Gramma in May. The nursery is being decorated with those very colors. My blogger friend from Scotland has a daughter with ME with many of the same challenges as you. You would love her blog ( Writing from Scotland. Take care. xo Karen

  6. I love your baby blanket, I have been tidying my stash too but I still have a ways to go, I'm going to have a look at those energy bites, I have been making energy bars and they are yummy too. Have a great weekend. :)

  7. Such a lovely 5 things!

    I hope you're feeling better - chronic issues really do stink!! Love your blanket and all that colorful yarn!!

    And your sweet wee iris speaks so my soul's need for Spring!! Thanks for sharing. xo

  8. The colours of your baby blanket are beautiful. I am sorry that you have had a bad week healthwise, let's hope you can get some smiles with the new spring flowers that are popping up now xx

  9. Those energy bites look yummy and they would fit perfectly in my desk at work for those long afternoons!

  10. What a great Five on Friday!, lovely to see new people joining in!xx

  11. What a lovely baby blanket, I do like those soft colours. Great Five on Friday, Clare! I hope you have a good week ahead. xx