Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cosy Baby Blanket Ta-Dah

Helllo.......... I'm a little bit excited about today's Ta-Dah as it's signals the completion of my first ever crocheted blanket yay skippy happy. Yes I've started a few blankets over the years but this is the first one I've finished.

The inspiration for this blanket came from it's bigger sister my 'Seaside Pebble Blanket'
that I started working on toward the end of last year. While crocheting away I started thinking this would make a lovely Baby blanket if I removed the browns and added in a few more turquoises.

So just before Christmas I ordered some yarn and set to work,

using Lucy's over at Attic 24 'Cosy Stripe pattern' I simply started with a foundation change of about 85cm (hoping that was baby sized) and off I went.

Alternating two rows of Stylecraft Special DK with one row of lovely sparkly yarn.  I'm hoping this blanket is fairly unisex, with it's silvers, whites, neutral tones and shade of aqua and turquoise. I've fallen a little bit in love with this colour mix, which my sister has named the 'Frozen' blanket ( I hope you're not now singing the song!!)

So here's what I used.

Stylecraft Special DK in 


James C Brett Twinkle in

White TK2
Silver TK8
Turquoise TK17
Silvery Blue TK18

The silvery blue yarn is gorgeous and I think I'm going to add some into the mix for my Seaside Pebble blanket too.

Then it was onto the edge, at first I considered adding a shell edge to the blanket but in the end

I decided to go with the same border Lucy uses on her Cosy Stripe Blanket which I think turn out really pretty.

one completed Cosy Stripe Baby Blanket.

I'm so please I finished it before the little one arrives, so it's back to the 'Seaside Pebble' now to try and get that finished.  I'm turning 40 this year and have made a list of 40 things I want to do or achieve, one was finished a crocheted blanket so I can tick that one off the list.

I'm not sure if anyone will want a list of the colour order for this one, but if you do let me know and I'll do a separate post, I basically made it up as I went but I did make a note of them before giving the blanket to my friend.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Love your Cosy Baby Blanket! Great colors and the sparkly yarn is amazing!

  2. Fantastic Clare!!!!! Well done you!!! Making blankets is a lot of work, even for those who can devote a lot of time to it, so knowing the limited time that you have I really applaud you for getting this finished. It is a lovely blanket that will be well loved and used I am sure. I hope that you have fun with your 40 things list - what a great idea that is! xx

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the colors! I keep seeing them everywhere right now. I makes me want to go out and buy some yarn that color of my own. But, alas, I gave up buying yarn for Lent. I guess I'll have to wait til Easter :) Beautiful job!!


  4. Beautiful! The colors are fantastic, and unisex indeed (as you said, beachy, yet Frozen as well!). And major congrats on finishing your first blanket! I remember finishing my first afghan and I'm pretty sure I beemed with pride for a week! :D

  5. That is an absolutely lovely blanket!! What size hook did you use to work it up?

    1. I used a 4mm hook for the blanket x

  6. awesome i really love the colours clare especially that lovely turquise cannot wait to see your next one finished. very lucky babyxxx

  7. This is gorgeous and well done for finishing your first blanket! I also recently finished my first knitted blanket which is for our baby due in June, it's a great feeling!

  8. Very beautiful blanket which looks so warm ...Have a nice day !

  9. This is such a lovely blanket you have created. I love the addition of the sparkly yarn. I'm sure it will be a much loved baby blanket.

  10. The blanket is fantastic. It will be a treasure. I love the idea of a list of 40 things to do as you turn 40. I turned 50 last year,my list would be a bit longer than yours!

  11. Oh this blanket is gorgeous!!! I love the addition of sparkly yarn intermixed with the cool blue colours. Gorgeous work! J9 x

  12. Beautiful! I love the colour scheme - and yes, now I am singing the song!

  13. It's lovely, and I rather think it is unisex too. Great job.

  14. Oooooh, I love the colours - that would look lovely in my living room ;)

  15. Great job! Your stitches look perfect. :)

  16. It's gorgeous :) A lovely mix of colours you've chosen and the sparkles as well, fab!

  17. So pretty! We are using your colors as inspiration for a "winter" blanket for my son!