Monday, 9 February 2015

Fantasia Wreath

Hello......... A few weeks ago I was pondering over the themes for our Craft Club exhibition ad suddenly realised that it wouldn't take too much work to convert my Wintertime wreath to fit the theme of Fantasia.

I watched some clips of the movie online and hatched a plan.

So  first off I started to dewinter the wreath removing the berries, little bird and teal baubles. Ready to start pinning all things fantasia. 

You see most of what I needed was already there on the wreath Waltzing flowers and snowflakes, little mushrooms and swirling leaves, I just needed to add a few more things and I'd be done.

So I needed dancing snowflakes

For which I added extra felt snowflakes with a little bead in the centre for some sparkle

I needed  a Fantasia Fairy too

Who I found ready and waiting for a wreath adventure on the blossom tree lights in my room

and of course lots and lots of cute little mushrooms.

You remember them from the Waltz of the flowers right! so cute ! 
So it was time for the fun bit putting it all together.

  Shall we go on a little tour,

Here's the bottom half of the wreath with it's fantasia fairy (who's looking right at home already) and of course lots of added snow flakes and sequin flowers,

On the sides of the wreath I've added groups of little mushrooms amongst the tinsel pom poms and flowers

The top of the wreath is pretty similar other than adding some snowflakes to try and cover the holly berries in the hope the leaves will look a bit like the dancing thistles.


My fantasia wreath, just a subtle change really from the Wintertime wreath but hopefully it works. So that's one more thing finished for the Exhibition which starts at the end of the month, still lots to finish off though.

It's all mask making and bunting finishing here at the moment.
Happy Crafting 

Clare x


  1. It's darling, Clare! I love it :) Hugs to you

  2. You combined three of my favorite things in your post :) Crochet, Disney and red/white mushrooms!!! I'm in love with your wreath. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge and try to make one for myself :)

  3. Wow, it's beautiful. I love the colors and the mushrooms are such a cute touch.

  4. Really beautiful !!! Well done !

  5. Well how great is that!!! Your lovely wreaths really are one of the most versatile crafting things ever!! xx

  6. It's fab! You've done a really good job and I absolutely love that little fairy too :O)xx

  7. Oh my! That is gorgeous! I love all your wreaths.

  8. Such a good idea :) I think you should do a pegasus wreath next ;) thats my favourite Fantasia scene!

  9. Such a good idea :) I think you should do a pegasus wreath next ;) thats my favourite Fantasia scene!

  10. Love your wreath!! I have a few pics pinned on my pinterest page that I just may have to make. I need to take down my Christmas one (its in purples, so not so Christmasy looking, so it stays up) and have a winterish one in its place.

    Have a great week!

  11. Oh how fun! There are so many cool elements to this wreath!

    I'd love if you'd link up to my weekly Yarn Fanatic Party!

  12. Hi Clare,

    This is so gorgeous! The Fantasia Fairy is to die for!! Thanks for your visit and kind words...


  13. Wow this is amazing, perfectly suited for the season! :)