Thursday, 20 March 2014

Winter to Spring

Hello and a  Happy Spring Equinox to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Yes we've finally made it through all the rain to Springtime it's official Spring has Sprung 

So this afternoon I spent a little time  repinning Spring.

Unpinning all the wintery decorations from my wreath and Sprucing it up with some Spring colour

 I really should get around to knitting a cover for the other polystyrene wreath I have, but in a way I kind of love the action of removing the winter blooms and snowflakes and replacing them with Spring Flowers. 

It's so easy pinning them to the wreath, sometimes adding a pretty bead between the pin and the flowers. I think a few of the flowers may have gone astray over the winter as I'm missing a some, so I might have to make a few more primroses

But for now Spring has Sprung here at the Summerhouse and I for one am pleased about it.

We were greeted this morning with blue skies 

and I couldn't resist popping outside to take a couple of pictures 

I was so pleased to see the first leaves bursting opening on the Horse chestnut perfectly in time with the Equinox.

Now I really must start work on a Summer and Autumn version of the wreath.
Clare xx


  1. I love the way that you can change your wreath around and add or take away depending on the seasons and still keep it going all year round! You are a very talented creator. I hope that you have a great spring. xx

  2. Happy Spring! I love the way you have decorated the wreath, the flowers and leaves are so bright and fun.

  3. The wreaths are beautiful, clever you! So nice to see that blue sky isn't it. And I love the frilly daffodil.

  4. It seems to me a very positive action to be changing the pretty little leaves and flowers over to Spring, Clare - such a wonderful time of year; new hope, life, beginnings - what's not to love about Spring! You do a lovely job with your wreaths, and that is a beautiful daffodil - enjoy the sunshine! Joy x

  5. Your wreath is gorgeous and I love that you change over the decorations rather than have a different wreath for each season.......that way you get something different each year, plus you have the enjoyment of making it over and over again....fantastic idea!!! Have a lovely weekend and happy Spring to you. Sarah xo

  6. Oh my word Clare, your Spring wreath is stunning and so beautiful. I love how you can change the Seasons and design as you wish. Wonderful blue skies and flowers.
    Happy Spring to you and your family.

  7. I love that you can change the seasons as you wish. It looks so pretty either way.

  8. Your wreath is so inspiring. I love the way you can change it around.
    Tracey xxx

  9. Happy Spring!!!!! Your wreath is beautiful, such a great idea. X

  10. Wow, your wreath is just wonderful! So happy and inspiring! :)

  11. Happy spring sweetie. Loving that pretty wreath and it sure looks like Mr fox was heaps of fun to make. I must say I am just a little in love with him!! xoxo