Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Roses for the Woollen Woods

Hello......... I've been making Roses again, these ones are for a yarn bombing project In Cumbria called the Woollen Woods which last year was located at The National Trust Property Acorn Bank not sure where this years will be but I'll keep you posted I've popped a link 'here' if you'd like to find out a bit more about the Canopy project.

So a new project of course needs new yarn and this time I had a very good excuse as you can only used 100% wool for the makes for the woollen woods so I needed some more colours as I only had a couple of balls in my stash

Aww look how cute they look nestled in my work box.

I used the same 'cute and easy crocheted flowers' Rose pattern as I used for my 'Radio Roses' last month.

This time however I decided to add some some leaves, first up I used the above pattern from my leaf cushion to knit a leaf.

Then I played around with my crochet hook and came up with a couple of different leaves, the Roses are quite big, which is perfect for the yarn bombing.

 The first crocheted leaf turned out quite small and I love the knitted leaves but they take a while to make, which is not good when my energy levels are poor and my pacing time for crafts is only ten minutes a day.

In the end my third leaf attempt was just right, (on the right of this picture)

So the Roses were finished and ready to be posted off to a friend to become part of a flower garland.  You see we are very fortunate that a creative group I'm a member of on facebook has been given a tree of our very own to decorate in the Woollen Woods.

We decided on nature as the theme for our tree and everyone has been very busy making things. My Roses have been popped in the posted and I'm now in the midst of making some birds and ladybirds for our tree.  More on that another day

I can't wait to see our tree all decorated, I'm so looking forward to seeing what everyone has made all put together.  It amazing to think we are all making bits to be posted off to all join up together even though most of us have never actually met.

Hopefully I'll be able to share some pictures with you of the Woollen Woods in a month or so.

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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Clare, I've crocheted roses before but never leaves. I love how yours came out. Beautiful!

  2. It is so exciting, your roses are lovely and I have to say I love your knitted leaves but I understand completely about having a limited craft ability time in the day. It can be quite frustrating but you are creating really lovely work. I love your colour choices, they are bright, yet calming, oooo I can't wait to see it all put together xxxx

  3. I love your roses, they're so pretty. I can't wait to see the Woollen Woods, sounds wonderful!

  4. And beautiful roses they are too, Clare - that special tree will really be something to behold when it's all garnished up with pretties! Well done for your perseverance and wonderful craft work!
    Joy xo

  5. That is a wonderful idea, your flowers are going to look amazing in the Woolen Woods! Plus its always awesome having a reason to buy more yarn!

  6. We loved the Woollen Woods it was great fun to visit! It has finished at Acorn Bank now but is set to be at another National Trust property Sizergh Castle starting in April :)

  7. Oh, these are so lovely. I'll look forward to seeing the next lot of creativity. Tracey xx

  8. These are really lovely. I have never taken part in any yarn bombing but I love the sound of what you are doing, all working together to create something. x

  9. What an exciting project and your roses are so pretty, I can't wait to see the finished result!
    love Jooles x x x

  10. Your roses are beautiful!! What a great thing to be part of, it sounds like lots of fun!! xx

  11. Your roses are great I love the touch of the little leaf too really finishes them off x

  12. Love the little roses. What a fun project to be involved with. Can't wait to see your pictures. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Your roses are beautiful Clare, what an exciting project to be part of, I look forward to seeing your
    birds and ladybirds. I am struggling with my book this month.

  14. Clare, they are really beautiful. I very much admire your work! Thanks for posting! xx

  15. Those are beautiful roses, as usual, you create the prettiest blooms! I love the leaves, the colour is a gorgeous deep green, they will look rather life-like in the woods! Chrissie x

  16. Hello my lovely, its lovely to find a little time to stop by here. Thank you for your sweet comment today, it is always comforting to know that you are there and understand, thank you for that! I love these pretty roses, they really are gorgeous. They will make such a pretty brooch! Sending you much love my friend xoxo

  17. I love your roses, they are so pretty. Your yarn bombing project sound fabulous. Popped over from Chrissie's blog, have a lovely weekend. Sarah xo