Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Three Things : 47/52

Hello...... I'm running a bit behind again so here are last weeks 'Three Things'

Number one:

My first happy thing for last week are these lovely coloured craft scissors, just looking at the colours alone makes me smile.  My lovely friend Lindy is downsizing her craft supplies ready to move house and she very kindly gave these to me. So a big thank you Lindy for the crafting scissors and also for very kindly running me to my B12 jabs each week.

Number two:

My second happy thing this weeks is not the blue sky although I do love the wonderful blue colour the skies are in Springtime. No it's the sunshine, yes lovely  lovely sunshine or more the fact that I'm allowed out in it again. I spend most of my life in the shade due to the treatment for my Lyme/ME making me allergic to the sun.  

So one of the plus sides of starting antiviral theraphy is that I had to stop my antibiotics for a while, yippee for I so miss being able to sit in the sun. Plus it's a nightmare if you have to go in the car while allergic to sunlight, all bundled up with a scarf over my head especially in summer very hot and bothersome

Sadly there seems to be some downsides to the antivirals, mostly digestive, I've had lots of nausea, but fingers crossed today I've been a bit better so hopefully I'm getting used to them.

Number three:

My third happy thing this weeks is spending a little time on Friday practise yarn bombing the garden. 'P's' getting well used to it by now with the blog and didn't bat a eye as I went past with my camera and bag of yarny goodness, instead just saying 'she's off to hang things in the trees again and take photo's'.

Yarn bombing just made me smilie happy, I'll show you some more pics another day. Well I just had to practise to see what everything would look like before posting it off to the Woollen Woods.

The only thing I forgot was the gardener was coming to mow the lawns for the first time this year, opps but thankfully I was all finished before then as I'm not quite sure what he would have made of it.

Well that's all the happy for now
I'm still working my way through Beutrix Potters Treasures tales
Yarning along with Ginny
Clare xx


  1. Hi Clare,
    Do you know what those flowers in your first picture are called. Ive got some in my garden and I don't know what they are.
    Yarn bombing the garden - I like it :)

    1. Hi Emma we always call them Wisleys but not sure if that is the correct name, we also have lilac ones which are yet to flower

  2. I'm glad the scissors made your happy list, hope you enjoy using them, we must have a trip out somewhere nice while you can go out in the sunshine xxx

  3. Lovely, colourful, springtime post! Cx

  4. I love those scissors, such pretty colors. Your little birdie looks so sweet on the tree! I can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Aren't those scissor colours an absolute delight, and how kind your friend is! It must be lovely for you to get out in the sun for a while Clare - I do hope you are finding some improvement in your health with the new regime! Your little yarn bombing birdie is so cute! Cheers, Joy xo

  6. I love the idea of you trying to do your yarn bomb practice before the person came to cut the grass!! They probably would have loved it, but I understand, as I would have been the same!! Anyway, you want to keep it secret until it is ready to be revealed don't you! xx

  7. Thanks for your post Clare. Lindy's suggestion of a trip out in the sunshine sounds wonderful. Take care of yourself :-) Tracey xx

  8. I love the bird, and the idea of yarn bombing the garden. We have a serious need for color right now, so that just might help :).

  9. Love those brightly coloured scissors.
    Marianne x

  10. Clare! Thanks for sharing your happiness...the photos are beautiful, and I appreciate your narrative, also, and continue to wish you well :) xx

  11. Hello my lovely friend, sorry I have been a little slow in getting here. I am sorry to hear that the antivirals are causing nausea, you know why this could be, it is a sign that your body is trying to deal with the associated toxins. As you know these drugs are loaded with them and actually not the best thing for our delicate bodies, but then we have little other choice. Make sure to drink lots of water and add some lemon and also some cayenne pepper to it (only a pinch) first thing in the morning preferably and then also try and get lots of fresh ginger into your gut one way or another. I am hoping I am going to get to your email before we jet off next week, fingers crossed. My list is sooooooooooo long!! I am loving the yarnbombing, it sure looks like heaps of fun! Sending you much love xoxo

  12. ooh! love your little birdy yarn bomb!

  13. Now those scissors just make me smile, they're so pretty! Loving the yarnbomb! Hope the nausea lets up so you'll feel better :)

  14. Oh those rainbow scissors are just so lovely. They'd make me smile every time I walked into my craft room too. The birdy! Love it!

  15. Such a lovely Springy post.
    Enjoy your week.

  16. Wow, how did you make that lovely bird? So colourful. :)