Monday, 3 March 2014

Craft Club Exhibtion

Hello........ well I realised today that the craft club exhibition will soon be finishing in the library and I've yet to write up the post that's been sitting waiting in the draft folder for the last few weeks, never enough energy these day. Any road I thought I best get on with it. So here goes!!

Towards the beginning of last year we were set five themes for the exhibition, then it was time to set to work creating anything we wanted as long as it fitted in with the themes.

The first theme was 'Moby Dick' and at first this one put me in a bit of a spin, with no idea what to make. This is a book that in no way appeals to me. You'd be more likely to find me making a Greenpeace anti whaling protest ship out of yarn.

In the end though I decided to make this teeny tiny little whale brooch, and for the first time I got to used some very sparkly embroidery floss.  You can read more about how I made this little fellow 'here'

Next up was Alice in Wonderland 
and I was torn between two ideas so in the end decided I had to make both.

I made the above Mad Hatter Hat for the shear fun and joy of it, I really just couldn't resist this lovely little top hat.

You can read more about this fun filled make 'here' and 'here'

I also got my watercolours out and painted some Alice inspired postcards, the idea being to make them into player card and then mount them as if they were falling from a pack. Here they are mounted and ready to go up on the wall.

I think this project took the longest as I gradually painted  post cards through the year when I had the energy.

You can read more about the card designs 'here' and 'here' 

I really enjoyed getting my paints out again after many years, painting on this small scale allowed me to paint from bed, which was great.

Next up was Peter Pan, and I knew straight away I had, had, had to make a wand for Tinkerbell, I loved this fun girlie make. Ribbons, Floss, Buttons, Beads and Sparkle what's not to love.

You can read how I made my wand 'here'

Last up was 'The Seaside'
So I decided to make some bunting with seaside images . As a newbie to sewing this was a bit of a challenge for me but I think it turned out OK.

You can read more about it 'here' and 'here'
As I mentioned in a previous posts I'm planning on donating the bunting to a charity craft auction to raise funds for 'Invest in ME' and 'Shelter'

So everything was finished and ready to go on display eek.

Not the best pictures but here are the items in the display case, how cute does Lindy Laines  little Tinkerbear look, she make the most perfect tiny bears, you can check out her blog 'here'

and here's the wall display so far, I think more items have been put up on the wall since so I really should pop into the library and take another pic.

Well that's all for today, I'm linking up with Nicoles KCCO so why not have a look at what everyone else has been making
Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Everything looks beautiful, Clare. I think it's really nice that your library does a display like this. It's such a good idea to showcase local talent.

  2. You made so many lovely things for the exhibition! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you produce in the coming year :)

  3. Oh I remember seeing all these projects as you worked on them, Claire, although come to think of it I may have missed that wonderful TopHat - I reckon you can turn your hand to anything and make a jolly good job of it into the bargain, well done, lovely display! Take care, hugs, Joy xo

  4. So lovely to see all your beautiful things finally on display ... Julie x

  5. Hello Clare, thank you so much for showing us your makes for the exhibition. You are so talented and clever to come up with such brilliant ideas, I love everyone of them, especially the Top Hat. Well done on a brilliant display. I hope your bunting makes lots and lots of pounds for your charity.
    Take care of yourself.

  6. You guys did such a fabulous job, it really does look lovely. Well done you! xoxo