Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Fox in the box

Once upon a time there was a fox in a box, who came to stay at the Summerhouse.

He had come as a subscription gift from a craft magazine and had patiently waited throughout the cold months of winter for the right time for lady from the Summerhouse to put him together.

That lady's name was Clare and she decided the perfect time to wake Mr Rusty the fox was when her nephew 'L' had come for a visit.  So they carefully took the pieces of the fox from the box and laid them out ready to put them together.

First they assembled his cute foxy face

Carefully stitching through the pre punched holes.  Which Clare thought would be a easy task for 'L', but alas no for a 10 year old boy this proved far to much hard work, when the TV was calling him and as for Auntie Clare she struggled a bit too with not being able to stitch where she wanted to but having to stitch for the pre punch holes.

Never the less the little foxes face was stitched into place.

Then is was time put together the foxes body, so Clare took some black thread and added some  
back stitch to define Rusty body, the lady from the Summerhouse then stitched on some detail to give Rusty a bushy tail, as no self respecting Fox would ever be without his tail. 

By now Rusty was starting to feel much more like himself again so Clare very gently pinned the pieces together and started to blanket stitch around his body, which was fine as Rusty the Fox was fast asleep so he didn't feel a thing.

Then it was time to add the finishing touches, so 'L' very gently glued Rusty's ears on

before going outside for a scoot

Mean while Auntie Clare sat outside keeping a eye while she stitched on Mr Fox's nose, much to the neighbours dismay, but I ask you what is a Fox with out his trusty nose.

When Rusty was complete the lady from the Summerhouse left him to sleep a while in the Winter Jasmine, Rusty was so pleased to be sleeping in the sunshine at last, after spending the long winter as just a fox in a box.

After waking from his snooze Rusty the Fox decided that he was going to stay with his new friends at the Summerhouse so he made his home on the bed in the guest bedroom, just waiting for when 'L' next came to play.

The End.

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Clare xx


  1. This is a very adorable post, and I love Rusty....sounds like he has made himself right at home!!

  2. Rusty the Fox is a gorgeous addition to your family ;) xxx

  3. So sweet Clare! I love the way you tell the story of Rusty's making and he looks so comfortable snoozing in the sun in the jasmine! E x

  4. Rusty is adorable. I think it was very nice that you waited until your nephew could help make him. I am sure he enjoyed himself as much as you did.

  5. Rusty is delightful, as is the story you have beautifully created about his 'arrival' at his lovely new home, Clare! Perhaps there will be more stories about his antics as he settles in to life at 'The Summerhouse'? Joy xo

  6. You and 'L' have done a great job, I'm sure Mr Fox is glad to be out of the box! :) See you in the morning xxx

  7. Well done, Clare! I'm so glad you and L liberated Rusty from his box and helped him settle in your loving home. Rusty is bound to have more happy adventures with you! Thanks for introducing him to us :) xx

  8. Rusty is beautiful Clare, thank you for sharing how you made him. Julie x

  9. Such a sweet post and story about Rusty the fox!
    Marianne x

  10. So lovely Clare! It will be lovely for your nephew to see him when he comes to visit and remember making him with you! xx

  11. moi aussi je met les renards en boite... à voir sur mon blog!

  12. Wonderful post! Oh, he is just darling! Thank you for sharing!!! Chrissie x

  13. He's brilliant, and beautifully made. What a fantastic kit. Glad he gets to stay!

  14. He is just gorgeous, what a great kit!

  15. He is sooo adorable! Do you know the name of the kit? I know someone in my family who would love it!

    1. Hi Nicole it's a 'Make you're own Rusty the fox kit' they sell lots of different Rusty the fox things here in the UK, you can get them from Amazon.
      Clare x