Friday, 7 March 2014

Three Things 45/52

Hello........ I've had a bit of a week of it with trips back and forth to the doctors for tests and treatments I had my first vitamin B12 shot on Monday which was really painful afterwards so I'm not looking forward to the next 9 jabs.

 I thought I was quite good with pain as I have a allergy to local anaesthetic which means all dental work I've had to have done has been without pain relief  plus I also had skin biopsy on my foot without anything, but the B12 was pretty awful as it became more and more  painful as the day and evening went on. Fingers crossed the next one will be easier. So I sure did need some happy things to cheer me up this week and here they are.

Number one:

Yay for a new craft magazine, I bought the first copy of ' Prima Makes' when we did the online shop this week, and based on the quick flick through I had so far there are some greats makes in it. Plus the fabric of the mouse pin cushion, free gift matches well with my 'Button it' sewing box. (Not that my purchased was swayed in anyway by the free gift!!)

Number two:

My second happy this weeks is sunshine and spring flowers.  I've had to come off my antibiotic, to go onto antiviral therapy, so the bonus of that is, that in a couple of weeks time I'll be able to enjoy some sunshine ( the antibiotics make me allergic to the sun, vampire Clare ) so I'm really looking forward to be able to sit in the sun soon.

As for the Spring flowers, on Sunday my sister took me over the to garden centre to get some Polyanthus for the Summerhouse window boxes.  I decided this year I really wanted some blues and lemon yellow and my lovely sister had been looking for them when she's been out and about without much luck finding the blues.

So I got to the point when I was just going to get some other coloured Polyanthus when the man in the garden centre said 'there are some more round here, that are better as they've just come in' we went round the corner and yay skippy happy they had trays with the exact colours I wanted. Lemon yellow, blue and white and the mixed well it's called  'cotton socks' so cute, 'bless there little cotton socks.'

Number three:

My third happy thing this week is getting my paints out, with a little help from chief crafting assistant Merlin of course. I'm working on my February picture, which I'm running a bit behind with but I'll get there in the end.

Well that's all the happy for this week. Have a great weekend.

Clare xxx


  1. I am getting all caught up with your beautiful flowers, beautiful exhibit and beautiful week. Hope you are not in as much pain today and that shot number two goes really smoothly.

  2. So sorry to hear that your jab caused so much misery :( being ill just absolutely sucks sometimes. At least you are coming off the antibiotics in time for a supposed heat wave. You wouldn't look great turning green...or you might! Elphaba in wicked pulls it off ;) I love your 3 happy things and I can't wait to see your painting x

  3. What lovely happies this week, with the exception of the dreaded B12. Hoping the pain settles and more happies abound.

  4. Your February picture looks as though it is going to be very pretty. I hope that the pain doesn't carry on and that it is less with the next jab. Most of all I hope that it brings you some benefit so that it is worth the pain! Hope you have a good weekend. xx

  5. Pretty flowers! I had a look at that magazine in town the other day and it does look lovely. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Clare.
    Marianne x

  6. Oh I empathise with the pain associated with B12 jabs - been there, done that - and I hope the remainder of them are a bit easier on you Clare; I can't even begin to imagine having dental work done without help for the pain, you poor soul, you are brave!
    Lovely happies - your garden is going to be beautiful come spring and your new painting is looking very interesting already. Take care now, hugs, Joy xo

  7. Oh I hope things get easier for you, although getting things done without anaesthetic, you are a brave person!! Although yay for getting some sunshine soon!!

    Your flowers and paints are lovely!!x

  8. The shots sound difficult and I hope they get a little easier for you. The flowers are beautiful and I love the name "cotton socks" too! So cute.

  9. Hoping the B12 helps you feel better, Clare! I so appreciate your beautiful creativity and your courage. xx