Friday, 14 March 2014

Three Things 46/52

Hello...... It's been a busy old week here at the Summerhouse which has meant the new pacing program for my ME/Lyme disease has not been going so well but hey ho at least the sun has been shining and thankfully my second B12 jab was pain free, which made me very happy, as after the first one I was dreading them a bit. Any road here's this weeks 'three things.'

Number one :

My first happy thing this week, is lovely lovely Anemones, one of my favourites, my sister bought these for me the weekend before last and they are still going strong.

A few weeks back I planted some up in a pot on the patio and I can't wait for them to flower.

I just love the colours so much.

Number two:

My second happy this week, is a big one with quite a wait to it. You see last January we booked some tickets to go and see Miranda at the O2 thinking the tickets were for last March oops, no they were for a whole year later. Which was a bit of a worry as my healths been so poor.

So on Thursday my sister loaded me and the wheelchair into the car and we drove off to London. Little old exhausted me in London !!. I've never been to the 02 before in fact I've not been to London other than for hospital appointments since I've been ill.

So it was a bit of a culture shock for this country mouse. I  really struggled but I just about managed it, thanks to a O2 angel ( yes they have them, with lovely little wings)  who asked if either of us had 02 as our phone network, fortunately my sister did so she told us all about the 02 Priority lounge. Where you get a wrist band that lets you into the lounge which is a much more sedate place to sit and have a relaxing drink before the show started. Being in the lounge meant no queueing up to get into the arena as our tickets were checked there and then also no queueing for the loos either. Perfect one happy if slightly flagging Clare.

We had booked disabled seating and the location was amazing right by the stage, they really looked after us we even had someone in our area to go and order drinks for us. 

As for the show it was 'Such Fun' I've not laughed so much in a long time.  I'm feeling the price of my adventures today and will be I'm sure for the next week or so, but it was so nice to be out in the real world. eighteen thousand people were there last night eek, for me that about as many people as I've seen in whole of the last decade, seeing as I spend the majority of my time housebound.

So yippee for 02 adventures, time to collapse in a heap now for a bit.

Number three:

My third happy thing arrived with the post this afternoon. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Simply Crochet magazine from a giveaway over on the wonderful blog 'Bunny Mummy'

Jacquie makes some wonderful crocheted creations over on her blog as well as some beautiful artwork. Her super cute Granny Square Cowl  is featured in this months magazine supplement 'Spring Brights' look there it is on the cover.

So I wanted to say a huge thank you for this as  there is nothing like a good post day to put a smile on my face, just what I needed as I'm feeling pretty rotten after my adventures to London.

Well that's all the happy for this week have a wonderful weekend one and all.

Clare xx


  1. I'm glad that you had such a great time seeing Miranda even if you are a little weary now. I hope that you can rest up and remember the happy memories! xx

  2. Ah my dear, you pay the price afterwards but a good laugh is so good for the soul and Miranda is so GOOD at making us laugh! I'm happy for you that you made it and hope recovery time won't be too long. I'm loving your crocuses and anemones - my Grannie and Pappy used to grow the most exquisite anemones in Scotland - happy memories, thank you! Are you beginning to feel the benefits of your new health regime yet? I do hope so! Joy xo

  3. Hi Clare, so glad your magazine arrived safely. I posted your hook today. Hope you are feeling more rested now. I do love Miranda.
    Jacquie x

  4. Ohhh, your reasons for feeling happy cheered me as well, Clare. Thanks! I especially love your flower photos...fabulous colors! Wishing you well!!! xx

  5. Sounds like you had a great time at the O2! :) x

  6. Lovely reasons to feel happy, I have to go get that magazine, I love Bunny Mummy.

  7. Oh, I love Miranda. That must have been such a fun show! I got a new crochet magazine in the mail this week myself, I can't wait to dive in this afternoon with a cup of tea. I hope you're having a good weekend. :)

  8. Sounds like you had a very exciting week and I hope it doesn't take too long to get over it, take care x

  9. Oh my some serious happies here today. Wow you went to the O2 and to see Miranda!!!! We'll I never my friend. I'm sooooooo happy for you and to be honest I can just imagined how this housebound country bumf enjoyed every minute of the taste of out life, but most importantly real life and in the fast lane too. I'm so pleased you went for a bit of laughter just what we need and Miranda, you just can't top that!! I can however just imagine how much you are paying for it right now, all that stimulation - eeseesh!!! Worth it though! Take care of yourself and I'm so pleased the second jab went ok. How are you feeling, any change since starting the b12?? I'm thinking of you and hope that some rest will sort out this galevanting in no time. Sending you much love xxx.

  10. They are most definitely really awesome things to be happy about. Miranda is an amazing lady, so funny and inspirational. Congrats on winning the magazine. Jacquie is another awesome lady x