Sunday, 9 March 2014

February Mosiacs

Hello......... I hope you are enjoying the weekend, here in the UK we have some glorious Spring Sunshine, such a joy after all that rain. I'm running a bit behind as usual with my round up of last month, but I got there in the end so here it is.

February: a month when the Spring flowers started to bloom here in the Summerhouse garden. With lots of yarniness in the form of hearts and flowers.  Finally getting everything ready for the Craft club exhibition and doing a bit of stitching too.  

A lot of change too with new treatments for my ME/Lyme disease fingers crossed they will help with my energy levels which are really struggling. Plus a bit of a electrical disaster too thanks to the weather. We finally have power again in the garage so the great laundry crisis is over. (both the chest freezer and washing machine are housed out there.)

Still working on getting the power back on in the Summerhouse but we'll get there, so a big thank you to my brother in law the electrician.

As for February's picture I finally finished it yesterday, it takes so long to get anything done with this new pacing program. I decided to continue the hearts and flowers theme, painting a heart shaped wreath of all the flowers blooming in the garden at the moment. I was just so pleased to see the Spring bulbs pop there head up after the miserable waterlogged winter.

Above is a closer look at some of the detail, I'm finding it quite hard to photograph my pictures well, whether it's the light or the white of the paper or the photographer !! I'm not sure (it's probably the photographer !!)

Here's the finished painting, it took me a couple of weeks to finished a little at the time when I had the energy. It's watercolour and ink, I'm really enjoying getting my paints out again and hopefully I'll improve as the year goes on, even if I don't it's good to be sticking to my new year resolution to do some art.

You can read a bit more about the individual makes from last month over in February's archive if you want to.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. You've done a great job on the picture, lovely seeing all those pretty spring flowers, I miss so much not having a garden. I always love seeing your end of the month mosaics too, you always manage to achieve so much, even with the pacing xxx

  2. I'm glad to hear power has been restored where it's been lacking Clare, and do hope that with all your treatments and changes going on, your personal power/energy levels will also be restored very soon! Always lovely to see pics of your happy goings-on - keep up the good work and very best wishes for good health! Joy xo

  3. Your drawing is so pretty. I'm sorry to hear you still don't have electricity in your house, that's awful. I hope it's fixed soon. Take care and have a great week.

  4. Lovely to see your February round up, you really do get up to quite a lot - although not as much as you would like I appreciate! Your February picture is delightful, I am sure that any difficulties in photography are due to the strange light that we are having at the moment, it seems to be either dark and gloomy or overly bright and washing all the colour out - that is what I am telling myself anyway!! Hope that you get the power situation finally resolved soon. xx

  5. Lovely pictures. I must thank you clare, my mum is ill at the moment and rembering a post you did a while ago I have bought her a adult colouring book. It arrived from amazon the other day and has some lovely patterns in there to colour. Im sure she will enjoy it and it will keep her occupied. So thank you clare I wouldn't have thought about colouring books before. Keep crafting! Em x

    1. I hope she likes it and that your Mum is feeling better soon.
      Clare x

  6. Really sweet paintings and it looks like you really enjoyed the process. Photography can be so difficult.... trying to have an outcome where the paper looks white and the colours true... I can never get it as great as I would like to. xx

  7. Beautiful picture Clare, and I love all your pictures of a beautiful February. Hope you are doping with the new regime and have the best of luck.

  8. Again, you inspire me with your lovely work, Clare! Thanks so much for posting! xx