Sunday, 16 March 2014


Lately I've been resting up trying to recover and as I been pottering about there have been lots of wonderful things I have noticed, so I've been saving up the pictures for a post. 

As lately the birds have been singing so loudly out in the garden a sure sign of Spring

and there are pots of lovely Springtime starting to bloom.

and Frogspawn in the pond, they have been singing up a storm of a night time.

Lately I've been trying lots of new treatments for my ME/Lyme a stricter pacing program which I'm struggling to stick with, as life has a tendency of getting in the way. The shop needs to be done, or appointments are scheduled but I'm trying my best.  

I've started new supplements and continued with the old ones as well as herbal medicine.  I've been having my B12 shots for a couple of weeks now and this coming week I'm due to start the dreaded antivirals. Which my GP thinks will make me very sick indeed oh joy!! In fact she has only given me a weeks worth as she thinks it's unlikely I'll make it passed day three. Oh dear

I've also been wearing a heart rate monitor watch lately (part of the pacing) with the aim being to keep my heart rate under 97 beats a minute. It's not going to well so far for as soon as I stand it jumps up pasted 110 beats a minute and goes even higher when I actually move. For me a slow walk to the bathroom is like doing a exercise class.

But lately there has also been some Bunny Chocolate, as I had to come off my anti inflammatory diet for some blood tests, the plan is to restart again this week. As I was feeling a bit better cutting out gluten dairy and yeast

Lately little granny birds

and ladybirds have been appearing at the Summerhouse ready to go off to the Woollen Woods

The tutorial for the cute Granny Birds is from Bunny Mummy's  fab blog 'here' and the Ladybirds are from Attic 24

Lately there are so many blooms out in the Summerhouse garden

and I've been doing a mindfulness meditation each day. I went on a meditation course a few years ago and was pleased to see meditation listed as one of the treatments recommended by the ME Specialist I saw a few weeks ago.

The picture is from the chill out part of the lounge we went to at the O2. I just love the lighting  I found it really relaxing to look at.  So I just had to take a picture I did get a few odd looks though !!

 I just felt like saying I'm a blogger it's what we do !!

Lately I started reading Bella Pollen Hunting Unicorns, getting a bit of a head start on Aprils book, I've still got one more story to read from My Beatrix Potters Treasured Tales for March but so far I've enjoying both books very much.

Lately there have been good post days

How amazing is this hook. It the second part of the giveaway I won on  Jacquie's blog. I just love it the little white dots even have glitter in them, sadly the camera didn't pick that up

So with this fab new hook I think I going to order some pattern specific yarn (something I rarely do) and make something from this months issue.

Lately I've been doing a bit of gardening too, with a lot of help from 'P' doing all the lifting and shifting and me sat planting the Polyanthus it took me a couple of weeks but the Summerhouse window boxes are finally planted up.

I really miss being well enough to garden, and so much needs doing but we'll get there I guess.

So that's what's been going on round here for the last few weeks. Wishing you all a wonderful week.
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Clare xx


  1. You are doing so well, that is the main thing with rubbish health problems, staying positive and living life. So many people just sit down and don't get up. You are very inspiring, I hope that the pacing and meditation help you loads.
    The spring photos are glorious, so bright and happy. I am loving all the spring love around at the moment it is really inspiring x

  2. Brilliant spring pictures! I too try to pace using a HR monitor, but it is a bit soul destroying. Taking a shower the other day sent my HR to 170!! Ooops. I like the Fitbit as I can more easily control how much I do using it.... and by going slowly at everything. Ho hum.... on we all go, just doing the best we can. :D

  3. I'm wishing you the best with your new health regime Clare and trust that things will soon pick up for you, and in the meantime, keep smiling m'dear!
    Your garden must be looking an absolute picture at the moment with all those beautiful blooms to cheer and encourage you, and well done for getting stuck into the planting out!
    Joy x

  4. Hello my friend it seems that lots has been happening lately. Yes pacing is key and it's so bloody hard to do but must we will in order to see some improvements. Keep a positive mind about the antiviral as the mind has such big powers over what actually happen. See it as a healing drug and really believe in it. Maybe spend a little time meditating about the benefits and how it will help you. So pleased you're doing meditation it's so powerful. I love my daily practice and wouldn't be without it. So lovely to see that you got in the garden yea it's hard work for us so well done you!! Sending you much love xoxox

  5. I'm so happy for your giveaway win, that's pretty exciting. I'm glad you're mostly doing well, in spite of your challenging situation. The chocolate looks great, I don't think we have that one here. I do have Mini Eggs already though, and they're disappearing rapidly. :)

  6. Such lovely spring photos - Autumn approaching here in South Africa so we are enjoying what is probably the last of the greenery for a while.

  7. Such a pretty post with lots of happy and positive things to take strength from, wishing good luck with your new health plan, keep up the good work x
    love Jooles x x x

  8. Sending my best to you and wishing you healthy days. Your granny bird is incredibly cute!

  9. I love the little spring animals you've been making, especially the ladybirds! have a lovely day!

  10. Bless you....that's what I've found so frustrating this week I can only manage 20 mins in the garden before I'm exhausted, I used to do the whole garden in one go, it now takes me weeks! Just a little at a time that's all we can do, plenty of tea breaks with the hook or a magazine. I know it's not really what we'd choose but make the best of what we have, what we can do! Sounds like you've got a lot of support there, take care Sweetheart :) x

  11. Oh I love the spring photos. I am so jealous. I really hope your health issues can be resolved or at least well-managed. Your little bird and lady bugs are adorable.

  12. Clare, your flowers are lovely. I am itching to start working in the garden but it is still too cold here. That little bird and ladybugs are adorable! Are they difficult to make? I'd love to try. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  13. Spring has sprung with you. Looking so lovely, the colours from all your blooms are beautiful. The flowering current looks so lovely against the blue sky. Love your little birdie too very cute x

  14. I love how you continually strive to capture the beauty in everyday life, whether it be a stunning photo of the springtime sky, or something handmade, like your sweet bird and ladybirds. No matter what your health throws at you (or what challenging regimes your doctor has lined up for you), nothing can change what's in your heart! Chrissie x

  15. Your first picture is amazing. Such a gorgeous blue sky. I hope your treatment goes better than expected next week and you are soon able to return to your wonderful garden. Sending you good thoughts. Robbie

  16. I love the sweet birdie and I am glad you are remaining positive even though it is hard work. Jo x